Happy 4th from Imikimi – Featured Top Frames

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July 4th is usually a day that we not only celebrate our Independence, but its usually when folks get together for a barbeque, outdoor picnic, trip to a local beach and ending the day with fireworks… This year at Ikimi we would like to help you celebrate by featuring some 4th of July inspired frames….

United States Fireworks
by blue-nightingale

tphoto credit: Imikimi.com

Happy 4th from Imikimi 1

While wearing a five finger ring representing the USA, this frame exhibits a modern day version of Uncle Sam. You can use this frame as an invitation or as a Happy 4th what’s up to entertain your viewers with your pic of choice. This is definitely a cool favorite at Imikimi.

Patriotic, Memorial Day, Military Fourth of July
By: hobbsca

Happy 4th From Imikimi 2photo credit: Imikimi.com

We can’t forget to honor those who have fought for the country. This patriotic frame is an outstanding piece to either remember a fallen solder or honor those who are away this year. What an amazing contrast and blend of the eagle and flag.

Fourth of July Baby
By: cmachao

Happy 4th From Imikimi 3photo credit: Imikimi.com

Not only is the frame cute but you can add  anyone’s photo not just a baby’s to add a little character and fun. What a nice frame for a baby’s first 4th! This frame is so adorable!

Independence Day

Happy 4th From Imikimi 4photo credit: Imikimi.com

Whether you are staying and watching the fireworks on tv, going out and enjoying a picnic or barbeque…. Make this 4th of July a memorable one with a Ikimi frame. Happy 4th to all and be safe!!!!!


Scrapbook Coaster’s for your Crafting Corner

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To all my creative crafters; scrapbook coasters are a fun and easy project to enjoy with friends and family.  We normally spend spring and summer time  enjoying the weather, traveling and taking pictures to reflect back on.  When we have the time to relax we like to sit down and enjoy time with family and friends, and also reflect on the times we spend together on various trips and excursions.  During this time together why not be creative by making scrapbook coasters to eliminate those annoying water circles we put on our furniture. This will allow us the opportunity to be creative and have fun, while sharing our experiences with others.

I’ve found a really creative and cheap idea to enjoy with friends and family; while saving your furniture at the same time.  Scrapbook covers will save your coffee and end tables while you also enjoy those happy and creative times with your love ones going down memory lane!

coasters edit1Photo Credit: http://gritsandgiggles.blogspot.com

Materials Needed:

Four 4×4 tiles piece.

Scrapbook paper

Mod Podge

Sponge brush

Hot glue or fabric glue

Thick fabric (felt or fleece) for the backing

coasters edit2Photo Credit: http://gritsandgiggles.blogspot.com

Begin by cutting four pieces of scrapbook paper to fit your tiles. Using a foam brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of your paper in a thin layer.  Make sure it’s not too thick and is spread smoothly.  Apply the paper to the top of the tile, being careful to remove any air bubbles or wrinkles.  Repeat on all tiles. Let them dry for a bit.

Cut four pieces of thick fabric to almost cover the bottom of your tiles. This will be to pad them on your table top and keep them from scratching your wood!  Flip the tiles over and apply glue on a few of the ridges.  Place your fabric on the glue and let dry.  Once your paper is completely dry from the first Mod Podge step, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the top in an even layer.

Make sure you get the edges of the paper because this will be sealing your coasters. Allow to dry and apply more coats as needed until you get the finish you want.  This can be a wonderful gift or keepsake for yourself! This would be great with holiday paper to add a little touch of holiday to your table, or even with a monogram to match any design mood you may have.

The possibilities are endless, and with a price tag of less than $2 for the whole project, you can make as many as you want!  There has been no trouble with water affecting the cured Mod Podge, if you’re worried about it getting gooey, or plan on using coasters all the time you may want to seal them with an acrylic sealer. Happy crafting!

5 More Crazy Awesome Scrapbooking Tips

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 Hey guys! Imikimi Team here with another great craft blog for you! This week we’re going to give you 5 more awesome scrapbooking tips. So whether you’re just getting into scrapbooking or have been doing it for a long time, we hope these tips help you in making your scrapbook like none other!

1. If you have several pictures from an event and want to include them all on one page why not try enlarging one and placing the smaller pictures around it? Having a large picture in the middle acting as a focal point is a great way to draw attention to a central point while also peaking the viewers attention to check out the smaller pictures.

2. Do you have a ton of scrapbooking supplies strewn about in different containers? Sometimes it can get a little confusing trying to figure out which container the tape or guy is in. Why not put a sample of the supplies on the outside of the container. One look at each box will show you exactly which items are located where.

3. Looking for an interesting way to put a title on your busy scrapbook paper? Try using white acrylic paint to paint a strip at the top of your page and handwrite a title in. This will truly make your page pop!

4. When people scrapbook, they tend to only focus on the good times. Why not allow your scrapbook to focus on the “whole” you? Show everything about this time period in your life, including all of your triumphs and failures.

5. Buttons are a great addition to any scrapbook page. Add in buttons or ribbons to match your color scheme or try something crazy and add in colors that clash! Give it a try and see the difference it makes.

So there you have it! Try out these tips and let us know how your amazing scrapbook turns out! Check out another craft blog next week.

Best wishes,
The Imikimi Team

The Altoid Tin Scrapbook

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Hey Guys! Imikimi Team here! Today’s craft blog is for all those people out there who love scrapbooking and those who want to get started. We’re going to teach you how to make an Altoids Mini Scrapbook!


  • Altoids tin
  • Magazine or Scrapbook Paper
  • X-acto Knife
  • Glue
  • Regular Colored Paper

First we will need to make a cover. Lay your Altoids tin on top of your magazine or scrapbook paper. Now use your X-acto knife to cut around the top of the Altoids tin so you can make a cover that is a perfect fit.

Now we want to follow the same procedure, but we’re going to make the two inner pieces.

Use your glue to attach the cover and the inner pieces to your Altoids tin. Let dry.

Take your colored paper and cut a strip across the length of the paper about 3-½” in width. Fold your paper accordion style so that each folded segment is about 2” wide.

Now comes the fun part! Cut out pictures from magazines or photos, use candy wrappers and ribbons, who write down fun memories. It’s your time to be creative!

Once you’re done, you should have something like this: 

So that’s that! This will make a great gift to give for someone who love showing off pictures of their children, grandchildren, pets, or anything they love and hold near and dear to their heart. Be sure to stay tuned for another Imikimi craft blog coming soon!

Best wishes,
The Imikimi Team

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