Inspirational Photo’s – What Inspires You?

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Hey there! Have you ever wondered what goes on in different cultures around the world? I mean, the different inspirational things that happen everywhere and most of us don’t even realize it? With over 7 billion people populating the earth today and not one of them being exactly like another one person, it is inevitable.

Every place is different. Every person is different. Every culture is different. So it would stand to reason that each unique individual is inspired by something equally unique to themselves. Granted, groups of people can be inspired by the same genre of photo’s, but the meaning will be something deeper that reaches the individual on a personal level.

What inspires you?

There are many, many forms of inspirational art. Some are simply photo’s of animals, landscapes, or random items. Other forms are actual paintings and sculptures of people, place, and things. Abstract art is an increasingly poplar form of inspiration because it can be interpreted a million different ways according to the unique mindset of the viewer. Take a look at some of these inspirational photo’s:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

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Photo Credit:

As you can see, inspiration can come from the oddest and most unique places – a beautiful landscape in Australia, a Native American Pow Wow, or even an “onion bulb.” Minds can be inspired by absolutely anything; that is the beauty of being our own individual selves. From photographs, sketches, paintings, drawings, and digital art to famous and infamous quotations, there is inspirational motivation all around us. What is your inspirational motivation?

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Spring in History – Artists Inspired By The Season

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There are many Artists in history, who have used Spring as a theme for their many famous paintings. Using beautiful fields, sunshine, budding trees, children, animals and water as an inspiration to create colorful and warming images on canvas that makes you feel as if you are right there in the painting. Although there are many famous artist who have captured this time of year vividly, we wanted to share two Painters who visually bring spring to life with a passionate stroke of a paintbrush….

Claude Monet

(November 14, 1840 – December 5, 1926)
Claude Monet 1
photo credit: Wikipedia

Claude Monet was the founder of French Impressionist painting. His paintings can be viewed as a painted “snapshot” very close to our camera and phone photos today. The shading and the use of pastels can be captivating and yet calming. By looking at the two paintings below, can you almost feel the breeze coming from the trees?

photo credit: Wikipedia
An Orchard in Spring
photo credit: WikiPaintings

Vincent van Gogh

 (March 30, 1853 – July 29, 1890)SpringinHistory5
photo credit:

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post Impressionist artist, who was not only remembered for his mental turmoil and severing his earlobe, but was remember post death as one of the greatest most brilliant artists/ painters. He definitely poured his heart and soul into his work. Displaying a wonderful contrast of pastels colors that will leave you visually believing the painting has come to life. Can you imagine yourself sitting accompanying the man in the boat listing to the spring leavers dangle as the breeze hit them or the vivid smell of the blossoms?

Fishing in Spring
photo credit: Wikepedia
Almond Blossoms
photo credit: Wikipedia

Take a moment today to possibly research more work from these artists or others who have used the beauty of spring as their inspiration to create the most famous art work to date not only hanging in museums or being kept in hidden confinement but are also being replicated to bless our homes with a taste of history.

An Inspirational Journey Through Nature

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When we as human beings begin to seek out sources for inspiration, we more often than not find ourselves turning toward Nature for a helping hand. Nature isn’t just a hodgepodge of animals, plants and landscapes but rather a plethora of community, survival and awe. In this post I wanted to go beyond capturing just the imagery of each picture and take a closer look at the elements such as emotion that are contained within.

Zebra 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Butterfly 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

It is morning, and our journey begins in the Serengeti of Tanzania, where a congregation of Zebra find themselves gathering in an effort to cross a river filled with unknown predators. As we traverse our way through the river and reach land on the opposing side, moss and low-lying vegetation surround our mud-infused feet. After drying ourselves off we begin to tread further into the forest where our eyes are captivated by a spotted Rhododendron housing a very-rare teal-colored butterfly simply looking for something to eat, which is by far one of the more unique things that can be found in the midst of all natural environments.

New Zealand 043014

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Funnel Cloud 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Basic survival and group activities aren’t the only elements that exist within nature. Have you ever heard the terms ‘An Angry Sky’ or ‘Oh Boy, Its Such A Star-Filled Evening’? Well if you haven’t, the next two destinations on our journey clearly represent those terminologies and are sure to inspire you. We begin this portion of our journey way down under in a place called Dunedin, New Zealand where the clear and humid night sky is exemplifying a very boisterous and active Milky Way, complete with an abandoned fish shack in the foreground.  The second portion of our journey highlights the anger and emotional behavior that can our when weather-fronts collide and form atmospheric offspring, better known as funnel clouds or tornadoes.

Elephat Seal 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Rattlesnake 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

The last part of our journey focuses on two very distinct animals, an elephant walrus pondering what to do next in her sleep, and a diamondback rattlesnake coiled up in a defensive position. What brings us to these two specific animals, you ask? Although neither is related in any sense of the word, both of the animals allow us to look deep inside ourselves for various types of emotion and inspiration. How have these images of Nature, inspired you?

Inspiration Found in Nature

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It is easy to find inspiration in nature. When one steps outside there is so much nature can offer to inspire. Whether its the beautiful flowers, the wonderous creatures or just any natural stream, mountain, etc. There is no shortage of beauty in nature. All of which can be inspiring. As one travels the globe there are so many wonderful and mysterious things that can be seen. Nature never ceases to amaze us. The things that are created by nature have always been the inspiration for man in many creations that we see today, but there is no man made thing that can come close to the beauty of what is created naturally. It is that natural beauty that provides the ultimate inspiration.

Photo Credit: Nicefun.netPhoto Credit:


One does not have to be looking for inspiration to find it. Finding inspiration in nature is simply opening your eyes and taking a look around. The colors seen in nature are eye popping and beautiful. The sun reflecting off the leaves on a tree. A waterfall with the contrast seen as the water rushes down. The sun peering through the clouds. These are all examples of the type of inspiration that can be found in nature. Photos that capture the true beauty of nature will inspire others to pick up their cameras.

Photo Credit: Nicefun.netPhoto Credit:


When choosing a subject to photograph one has many choices. The search for inspiration can take us down many paths. Sometimes we look within our selves for inspiration. Sometimes we look out side our selves for inspiration. We look at pictures, we look at television, we can surf the internet to its very end just to find that one thing that will inspire us. No matter where we look never forget to include what is just outside your door. There is a world of amazement and beauty that lies out there. Just take a minute to take it all in cause there is true inspiration there. Nature will never dissappoint you.

Photo Credit: Nicefun.netPhoto Credit:



Creating Artwork Using Natural Materials To Show Springtime’s Beauty

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Artwork using natural materials is especially satisfying in the spring.  The time of year when the dreary browns and grays magically transform into all the vivid colors of the rainbow.  It’s time to get out of the house, combat that cabin fever that’s been ailing you for the past few months, and feel the warmth of what seems to be a new sun.  What better time to get out and gather some natural materials to enhance your decor and bring spring into your home.

While there are an infinite number of ways to use natural materials as artwork around your home, this article will only address two high level categories.   In one, the natural materials are the art and in the other they provide enhancement.

Artwork Using Natural Materials as Art

Using all natural materials as art is a great activity to get the kids involved in.  After all, they too need to get out of the house and away from the video games for awhile.   It’s a very stimulating exercise for children and their creations are always amazing.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 1

Photo Credit:

They are not afraid to be a little more abstract in their creations and mix and match items that to an adult may not seem logical.  But just ask them and they’ll tell you what it all means.   All these need are some nice frames and you’ve got an interesting conversation piece.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 2

Photo Credit:

It’s not just for the young children.  Older children and adults can let their creative side out as well.  Here’s a Lion, made by someone with a vision and creativity that is not found everyday.  A great example of how nature can stimulate ones soul and mind, which are things that provide serenity- an attribute greatly appreciated in today’s 24 hour-a-day society.

Artwork Using Natural Materials as Art Enhancement

Much more commonly seen is artwork using natural materials as an enhancement or a seasonal accessory to another piece of art or possibly a photo or decoration.  And who can resist clipping those  first few tulips that poke up- sometimes through the snow- to remind us that the air shall soon be warm and filled with the many aromas of flower blooms and freshly mown grass.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 3

Photo Credit:

Artwork Using Natural Materials 4

Photo Credit:

The fascination that comes with knowing of the colossal amount of renewed life that is coming forth makes springtime a great time for creating artwork using natural materials.


Best Photos of March 2013

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The best photos of march provide a sampling of all that is good about this month. March is one of the best months of the year. It signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It means longer days and better weather. For most that means a rebirth as one gets to shed all those heavy layers that kept us warm during the winter months and show off our new spring fashions. Spring is a wonderful time of the year and with all that is happening in March one can take some wonderful images.


Photo Credit:         Photo Credit:

The beauty that nature provides in the spring time is a “best photo opportunity” waiting to happen.  There are colorful flowers, the birds and the bees, they all scream: “I am ready to be photographed.” It is easy to turn the wonders of nature into the best photo.               

Photo Credit:                                                    Photo Credit:

March Madness

For the sports fans among us and even the non-sports fan some of the best photos come from March Madness. Brackets become the word of the month as college basketball takes center stage. We cheer on our alma maters or we cheer on the teams we picked in our brackets so that we can win that office pool. It’s about bragging rights, pride or simply a chance to rekindle some fond memories of days gone by.

Photo Credit:                         Photo Credit:

St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks day is another opportunity provided by March to snap the best photo. This day meant to celebrate St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland is symbolized by the wearing of green and the consumption of alcohol. This colorful holiday presents an oppurtunity for both funny and stunning photos.

Photo Credit:                                  Photo Credit:


Easter is yet another march tradition that provides an opportunity to snap the best photo. Whether its your children in their wonderful easter outfits or the colorful eggs keep your cameras handy and get ready to capture the best photo.

Photo Credit:                     Photo Credit:

70 Breathtaking Photographs (Part 2)

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Hello there, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, back again with part 2 of our 2-part feature highlighting some of the most breathtaking photography from around the world.

Be sure to check out the first installment in the series. We’ll have plenty more for you in the future. So stay tuned and stay inspired. We hope to see you soon!

Aurora borealis, yellow.

Light streaks over train tracks.

Train ride.

Light streaks in city.

Sunset captured from inside of crashing wave.

Rainy city street.

Spider web covered in dew.

Sparks jumping from lit fuse.

Playing in water, black and white.

Snow falling on city street.

Snow covered forest.

Tiny lizard held on finger.

Small jellyfish.

Fog covering skyscrapers.

Sea lions swimming.

Sea lion pups.

Rocket launching into sky.

Red drop splashing into water.

Red panda lounging on rock.

Raindrops and out of focus lights.

Purple jellyfish.

Owl in flight.

Orange sea life.

Insect in orange flower.

Autumn trees in mist.

Perseids meteor shower.

Spiral plant life.

Small spider.

Snowflake crystal.

Frost on red leaf.

Green flies.

Ladybug on beautiful flower.

Water drops on purple flower petals.

Insect on dandelion.

Colorful bird on branch.

70 Breathtaking Photographs (Part 1)

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Hello there, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, back yet again with another multi-part feature, this time highlighting some truly amazing photographs from around the world. This is the first of a planned 2-part feature. Be sure to stick around for next week, when the remaining 35 photos will be posted. We hope to see you then!

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