Spice Up Your Autumn Photographs With Imikimi Frames

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Autumn is right around the corner here in America.  Before we know it we will be seeing the leaves change colors and drift to the ground, smelling the spices of the season, and eventually stuffing ourselves with delicious turkey and pie.  Take advantage of the cooler days and gorgeous natural backdrop, and spend some time outdoors to capture some pictures to celebrate the season.

autumn path,the netherlands - yPaq-2fv - normal

Photo Credit: Imikimi

This frame is a great example of just how beautiful the oranges, reds, and yellows are this time of year.  Imagine yourself watching the leaves fall off the trees as you stroll through the woods, kicking the leaves around, and hearing them crunch under your feet.

AUTUMN CALLS - 1ASRc-1Tv - normal

Photo Credit: Imikimi

Who could possibly resist this cowboy posing in the Fall foliage?  Not me!  Go on…Add yourself in there for fun, or take him out to jazz up your own pictures.  Look how the red leaves accent the frame.  Grab your favorite red sweater, snap a pic, and be prepared to fall in love with the scenery.

Fantasies autumn - aZD3-2Tk - normal

Photo Credit: Imikimi

With school back in session, don’t forget to create some dazzling shots with the kids.  Grab their school pictures and have fun with this one!  What is sweeter than your little darlings faces embedded in logs with squirrels on top?  This one is sure to be a keeper, and will hang around long after the spectacular colors have disappeared.

autumn house - yPaq-1Xv - normal

Photo Credit: Imikimi

Next stop: Camping!  This is the perfect time of year to find a secluded cabin in the woods to hide away for a weekend (or two!).  Just looking at this one, I can easily imagine being curled up next to a fireplace with a good book and great friends.

autumn memories - 1NJ2H-11W - normal

Photo Credit: Imikimi

Last, we have autumn memories.  It’s important to stop and appreciate how Mother Nature shows herself during the changing of the seasons.  The beauty can be so short-lived, sometimes we forget to put the chaos that life brings aside and just enjoy for a bit.

I hope you will enjoy using these frames as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing them!


Back-To-School: Imikimi Style

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As summer winds to an end we all get a little emotional.  Memories were made, vacations were taken, images captured.  What better way to commemorate these events than with this awesome frame?  It just screams summer with flip-flops, sand, sun, and seashells:

sunny day-lissy005 - 11JRy-41k - normal

Image Source: Imikimi 

The beach has become iconic of the American summer vacation.  Families across the country take an average of 4.5  trips per year, and sun and sand are the most popular destinations. The end of summer also brings back-to-school preparations.  It might be your child’s first time off to kindergarten, or a nearly grown teenager returning to class.  Either way, we have to get ready.  We want them to look their best on that first day back.  Hair combed smoothly, wearing the trendiest looks to hide their nervousness.  Be sure to snap a shot of them as they head out the door.  They’re sure to complain, but you’ll be glad they did when you can look back at them in this frame in a few years:

Irenesda1~R U SMARTER? - m0Fp-1uH - normal

 Image Source: Imikimi

While shopping for new clothes and shoes to wear, don’t forget to grab supplies!  Fill up that new backpack with brightly colored pencils, pens, folders, and notebooks.  The store shelves are filled with every character and color scheme the kids are into.  With more options than ever before, back-to-school will be a lot less “boring.”  Check out this frame for inspiration:

Back to School - CDnA-2iN - normal

Image Source: Imikimi

As the school year progresses, there are various concerts, plays, parties, and sporting events to record for future reminiscing.  Also, you cannot forget the everlasting school picture.  Using Imikimi frames will provide boring school pictures with the opportunity to shine, and they’ll make cherished keepsakes for friends and family:

Back to School..... - pzuz-3bj - normal

Image Source: Imikimi

Your child’s teacher plays a significant part of his or her school year.  Teachers are with the kids day in and day out and (usually) come to feel as if they are their own children.  Sneak a class picture while you’re on a field trip, or take a photo of the teacher from the yearbook and stick it here for a Christmas gift that’s sure to make her smile:

Teacher - 7pXY-1Wx - normal

Image Source: Imikimi

Best Photos of March 2013

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The best photos of march provide a sampling of all that is good about this month. March is one of the best months of the year. It signifies the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It means longer days and better weather. For most that means a rebirth as one gets to shed all those heavy layers that kept us warm during the winter months and show off our new spring fashions. Spring is a wonderful time of the year and with all that is happening in March one can take some wonderful images.


Alaskadispatch.com telgraph.co.uk

Photo Credit: Alaskadispatch.com         Photo Credit: telegraph.co.uk

The beauty that nature provides in the spring time is a “best photo opportunity” waiting to happen.  There are colorful flowers, the birds and the bees, they all scream: “I am ready to be photographed.” It is easy to turn the wonders of nature into the best photo.

flickr.com                         AMNH.org

Photo Credit: flickr.com                                                    Photo Credit: Amnh.org

March Madness

For the sports fans among us and even the non-sports fan some of the best photos come from March Madness. Brackets become the word of the month as college basketball takes center stage. We cheer on our alma maters or we cheer on the teams we picked in our brackets so that we can win that office pool. It’s about bragging rights, pride or simply a chance to rekindle some fond memories of days gone by.


Photo Credit: ESPN.com                         Photo Credit: sbnation.com

St. Patrick’s Day

St Patricks day is another opportunity provided by March to snap the best photo. This day meant to celebrate St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland is symbolized by the wearing of green and the consumption of alcohol. This colorful holiday presents an oppurtunity for both funny and stunning photos.

Jetsera.net        hdwallpaperspk.com

Photo Credit: jetsera.net                                  Photo Credit: hdwallpaperspk.com


Easter is yet another march tradition that provides an opportunity to snap the best photo. Whether its your children in their wonderful easter outfits or the colorful eggs keep your cameras handy and get ready to capture the best photo.

stlamerican.com   etsy.com

Photo Credit: stlamerican.com                     Photo Credit: etsy.com

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