Inspirational Photo’s – What Inspires You?

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Hey there! Have you ever wondered what goes on in different cultures around the world? I mean, the different inspirational things that happen everywhere and most of us don’t even realize it? With over 7 billion people populating the earth today and not one of them being exactly like another one person, it is inevitable.

Every place is different. Every person is different. Every culture is different. So it would stand to reason that each unique individual is inspired by something equally unique to themselves. Granted, groups of people can be inspired by the same genre of photo’s, but the meaning will be something deeper that reaches the individual on a personal level.

What inspires you?

There are many, many forms of inspirational art. Some are simply photo’s of animals, landscapes, or random items. Other forms are actual paintings and sculptures of people, place, and things. Abstract art is an increasingly poplar form of inspiration because it can be interpreted a million different ways according to the unique mindset of the viewer. Take a look at some of these inspirational photo’s:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

As you can see, inspiration can come from the oddest and most unique places – a beautiful landscape in Australia, a Native American Pow Wow, or even an “onion bulb.” Minds can be inspired by absolutely anything; that is the beauty of being our own individual selves. From photographs, sketches, paintings, drawings, and digital art to famous and infamous quotations, there is inspirational motivation all around us. What is your inspirational motivation?

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Get Crafty this Summer with the Kiddies

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Summer is the best time to come up with some creative crafty home or vacation projects for the kiddies. Below are just a few ideas to get you started on your crafty summer vacation….

Homemade Play dough:

Crafty With The Kiddies 1photo credit:

What you need:

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 2 tablespoons cream of tartar
  • 1 tablespoon oil
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • food coloring or Koolaid (adds a nice smell)
  • Pan


  1. Mix all the above ingredients accept for the food coloring and koolaid into a mixing bowl.
  2. Once mixed, place in a pan on the stove and cook under medium heat. Make sure the mixture reaches to the consistency of dough.
  3. Let it cool and then knead it. You may need to knead it more and add cooking oil.
  4. Add food coloring or Koolaid for color. Koolaid makes the dough smell sweet.
  5. Store in plastic container. Should last for at least 3 months.

Homemade Finger paint:

Crafty With The Kiddies 2photo credit:

What you need:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 1 cup of cornflour
  • food colouring
  • Pan


  1. Add water to a pan and bring it to a broil.
  2. Dissolve cornflour in a little cold water and add to hot water, stirring constantly. Boil until clear and thick (about one minute).
  3. Add desired food coloring to the mixure. This mixture will be very smooth.
  4. Offer it to the kiddies while it is still warm to touch.
  5. Store in refrigerator as it spoils in hot weather.

Vacation Memory Jars:

Crafty With The Kiddies 3photo credit:

What you need:

  • jar, yahoo bottle, or soda bottle
  • Bent wire for thin neck jars
  • souvenirs from vacation (i.e sand, key chains, seashells anything collected during vacation you may want to add to this wonderful display.

Although there aren’t any standard steps for this project, keep in mind to have fun and be creative. The memory jars will store memories for you and the kiddies to reminisce on for many years to come. For thinner neck bottles, use a bent wire to lower the souvenir to the bottom of the bottle. Many people use old mayonnaise jars, yahoo bottoms, old soda bottles and that is just to name a few. Happy crafting!!!

Crafting Away for the 4TH!

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Crafting for a holiday can be exciting and memorable.  Whether you want something for your kids to create or you want something to create yourself, choosing the craft is half the battle!  Here are 3 crafts aimed at different audiences; toddler, kid and adult…chose your craft and get creating!! Source:

Toddler Time


Supplies needed

  • Red, white and blue paint
  • A disposable (or washable) cup – one for each paint color (I used an egg carton this time.)
  • A marble for each paint color
  • Paper
  • A box large enough to lay paper flat on the bottom
  • Large shirt or apron



  1. Place a piece of paper into the bottom of the box.
  2. Put a small amount of paint into each cup.
  3. Drop a marble into the cup and roll it around to cover it in paint.
  4. Drop the paint-covered marble into the box on top of the paper and roll it around by tipping the box to create your ‘fireworks’.
  5. Repeat with a new color and continue until you feel it’s finished!


Kid Craft Time!



  • Empty toilet paper tube Small coffee filter
  • Red crepe streamer Blue card stock White card stock
  • Glue/double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Star stickers
  • Pop-its or Snaps

1.  Start by fitting and gluing a coffee filter inside one end of the tube.  This sealed the one end and made a little holder, so to speak.


2.Then wrap  and glue some red crepe paper streamer around the bottom several times.  I made cuts in it once it dried.  This made the “rocket flames”.


3. Using a piece of blue card stock, cut it to the size of the tube and glued it into place.  Cover the glued part of the crepe paper streamer too.  The clips held it in place while it dried.


4. It is decorated with stars and filled with pop-its.  You might call them pops, pop-its, snaps, or


5. I used white card stock to cut a circle, made a slit in it, and folded it around to make a cone shape. I used double sided tape to attach it to the top.

Adult Craft Time!

Now to get the creative juices flowing!!

Tie Dye Patriotic Pillow



The TULIP Tie-Dye Kit comes with everything you need but the fabric.

Includes 8 4oz bottles, 12 different color dyes, 8 pairs of gloves and 40 rubber bands

1. First read the directions.

2. When I was done reading the second thing I did was test the dyes.  I wanted to make sure I had the right color. As I tried them I labeled each bag with the name of its color for future reference and use.

At this point I was ready to create.  I mixed, inside of the bottle that came with the kit, the dyes with water according to the direction


3. I wanted my pillow to have a rustic old look so I eye balled the stripes for the flag.  Using the tip of the bottle I traced the red ones first.

4. Then I used my finger to spread the dye.  More dye you put more even the look will be. I wasn’t worried about it being perfect so I just had fun with it.  After I was done with the red I repeated the same step for the navy blue rectangle.

5. Then all I had left was to let it dry and sew the flag to another piece of burlap to make a pillow.  I added some old metal buttons that I had to give it a little more detail.

Let the crafting begin!!

Bring some Spring with these DIY Projects!

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OH blessed spring you are finally here and with that comes the spring cleaning, the sprucing up and the re-purposing of all the stuff we have accumulated in our crafting corner all winter. If you are the avid crafter (and I believe that you are) you will not only appreciate this blog but will LOVE LOVE LOVE the ideas. I have scoured the internet to find 3 of the hottest ideas for a fraction of the cost.

This first idea will spruce up your dining room for less than $10. All you will need is a needle and thread, some nice faux flower heads and elastic hair ties.

Rose Napkin Holder

Photo credit:

You can put a smile on your face and make your table inviting with these floral table accessories. This picture uses roses but you can substitute that with any large flower heads. Go wild with the colors! Once you buy your flowers in your favorite hues at a crafts store, cut the heads off and sew them onto regular hair elastics with a few stitches. You can mismatch the sizes of the heads, mix up the colors go crazy and have fun!

Whether you are brightening up a bedroom, hall or the living room, this is super fun and easy do to. Add a fun stripe pattern to a lampshade with different shades of ribbon for $5-$10 depending on the cost of the fabric and size of the shade. All you need for this nifty little trick is different shaded of grosgrain ribbon cut in lengths that equal the height of the shade plus about 3/4″ wide and ½” long, some extra ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

Lamp Shade

Photo credit:

Take the hot glue gun and glue the strips of ribbon to the shade in the pattern you like, make sure you are over lapping the strips and you leave 1/2″ hanging below the bottom of the shade. Glue the loose pieces to the underside of the shade then cut a piece of the ribbon the length of the perimeter of the top of the shade. Fold lengthwise; press the hot glue to top of shade, positioning fold on wire frame. Then stand back and enjoy!

This gem of an idea will both shack and amaze you on how simple it is to transform your BLAH room to a WOW room you will want to spend all your time in. This project will cost you around $30-$40 depending on the cost of the fabric and frames, but it is well worth the extra cost and perfect for that little or big girl room! You will need enough floral fabric to wrap the headboard in, pieces of patterned paper, picture frames, and metallic paint.


Photo credit:

Once you find the floral or patterned fabric you love you will need to measure your headboard so that you have enough to wrap the center of the board on it. You can secure it using a hot glue gun or staples. Once you have this done you can move onto the walls. Take some inexpensive photo frames and some patterned paper (you should be able to find this in the scrapbook section of the store) and add a mat boarder and VOILA! You have wall art! Now for the best part…..take the drab nightstand and use the metallic paint to but a nice coat of beautiful shinny color that will make your room POP!

Now that I have you thinking and looking at all the things you can change in the house, your room and your day, I wish you Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

Scrapbook Coaster’s for your Crafting Corner

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To all my creative crafters; scrapbook coasters are a fun and easy project to enjoy with friends and family.  We normally spend spring and summer time  enjoying the weather, traveling and taking pictures to reflect back on.  When we have the time to relax we like to sit down and enjoy time with family and friends, and also reflect on the times we spend together on various trips and excursions.  During this time together why not be creative by making scrapbook coasters to eliminate those annoying water circles we put on our furniture. This will allow us the opportunity to be creative and have fun, while sharing our experiences with others.

I’ve found a really creative and cheap idea to enjoy with friends and family; while saving your furniture at the same time.  Scrapbook covers will save your coffee and end tables while you also enjoy those happy and creative times with your love ones going down memory lane!

coasters edit1Photo Credit:

Materials Needed:

Four 4×4 tiles piece.

Scrapbook paper

Mod Podge

Sponge brush

Hot glue or fabric glue

Thick fabric (felt or fleece) for the backing

coasters edit2Photo Credit:

Begin by cutting four pieces of scrapbook paper to fit your tiles. Using a foam brush, apply Mod Podge to the back of your paper in a thin layer.  Make sure it’s not too thick and is spread smoothly.  Apply the paper to the top of the tile, being careful to remove any air bubbles or wrinkles.  Repeat on all tiles. Let them dry for a bit.

Cut four pieces of thick fabric to almost cover the bottom of your tiles. This will be to pad them on your table top and keep them from scratching your wood!  Flip the tiles over and apply glue on a few of the ridges.  Place your fabric on the glue and let dry.  Once your paper is completely dry from the first Mod Podge step, apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the top in an even layer.

Make sure you get the edges of the paper because this will be sealing your coasters. Allow to dry and apply more coats as needed until you get the finish you want.  This can be a wonderful gift or keepsake for yourself! This would be great with holiday paper to add a little touch of holiday to your table, or even with a monogram to match any design mood you may have.

The possibilities are endless, and with a price tag of less than $2 for the whole project, you can make as many as you want!  There has been no trouble with water affecting the cured Mod Podge, if you’re worried about it getting gooey, or plan on using coasters all the time you may want to seal them with an acrylic sealer. Happy crafting!

Creating Artwork Using Natural Materials To Show Springtime’s Beauty

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Artwork using natural materials is especially satisfying in the spring.  The time of year when the dreary browns and grays magically transform into all the vivid colors of the rainbow.  It’s time to get out of the house, combat that cabin fever that’s been ailing you for the past few months, and feel the warmth of what seems to be a new sun.  What better time to get out and gather some natural materials to enhance your decor and bring spring into your home.

While there are an infinite number of ways to use natural materials as artwork around your home, this article will only address two high level categories.   In one, the natural materials are the art and in the other they provide enhancement.

Artwork Using Natural Materials as Art

Using all natural materials as art is a great activity to get the kids involved in.  After all, they too need to get out of the house and away from the video games for awhile.   It’s a very stimulating exercise for children and their creations are always amazing.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 1

Photo Credit:

They are not afraid to be a little more abstract in their creations and mix and match items that to an adult may not seem logical.  But just ask them and they’ll tell you what it all means.   All these need are some nice frames and you’ve got an interesting conversation piece.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 2

Photo Credit:

It’s not just for the young children.  Older children and adults can let their creative side out as well.  Here’s a Lion, made by someone with a vision and creativity that is not found everyday.  A great example of how nature can stimulate ones soul and mind, which are things that provide serenity- an attribute greatly appreciated in today’s 24 hour-a-day society.

Artwork Using Natural Materials as Art Enhancement

Much more commonly seen is artwork using natural materials as an enhancement or a seasonal accessory to another piece of art or possibly a photo or decoration.  And who can resist clipping those  first few tulips that poke up- sometimes through the snow- to remind us that the air shall soon be warm and filled with the many aromas of flower blooms and freshly mown grass.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 3

Photo Credit:

Artwork Using Natural Materials 4

Photo Credit:

The fascination that comes with knowing of the colossal amount of renewed life that is coming forth makes springtime a great time for creating artwork using natural materials.


Top photographs of 2012

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2012 is coming to a close and we wanted to share with the top 25 photographs that grabbed our attention this year. Not only did these photos  stand out but they made us stop and admire them.

Beauty of the Night Sky:


The Red Zone At The Natural History Museum:


Superstorm Sandy damage:


Space Shuttle Endeavour flies over San Francisco:


Surfer in Cardiff, California:


Humpback whale in San Luis Obispo, CA:


Beijing, China:


Lightning strikes in Israel:


2012 London Summer Olympics:


Olympic Games 2012:


A Seahorse Inspects a Diver’s Watch:


World’s Edge:


Mount Rainer:



Kung Fu Performance In Zhengzhou

First Contact:


Dahu Park:








Vancouver, Canda:


Palm trees and snow:


Against the Lights:


Against the Lights:


Magellanic Penguins


The USS Iowa:




We hope you enjoyed the top 25 photographs of 2012! We cant wait to see was 2013 brings.

Fall Leaf Initial

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Are you ready for fall? Fall is right around the corner.

What a more welcoming decoration for your home then an initial and fall leafs.

Supplies needed:

  • Initial
  • Fake leaves
  • Elmer’s mounting spray

Lay your initial on a flat surface.

Gather your leafs.

Lay your leaves over your initial, ensuring they overlap to cover as much of the initial as possible. With the Elmer’s mounting spray, spray the leaves one section at time.

When your leafs have dried here is what your Fall initial should look like:

Thank You @The Thrift Adobe for the pictures

Heart Made of String

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What could you use a String Heart for? A String Heart can be used for your home as decor for any room in your home it add’s that extra pop when someone walks into your home they ask where did you purchase that from? When you say I made it myself the look on their face is price less because it looks like you paid a pretty penny for the decoration. The String Heart can also be used as decoration for a wedding as a main center piece for a table or just put it on an  easel “String Heart” always catches people’s eye and in a way where they think to them self wow that is pretty impressive.

What you will need:

  • piece of wood – the bigger the more dramatic!
  • string – bight color so it will catch people’s eye
  • box of nails (if want a nail with a decent head so the string won’t pop off)
  • spray paint to paint the wood
  • white paper to draw the heart on

First with the wood you need to choose the color you would like to spy paint it and then do so and let dry.

Second step you can trace a heart on white paper then cut out the heart to the size that will work best for you for the wood decoration. When you have the heart where you want it, you will need to trace the heart to the wood board so it can be your outline of where you will nail in the nails.

Third now you will start the hammering process where you will nail around the heart and remember the nails are about an inch apart.

Your half way done now here comes the easiest and most fun part of the whole project you can’s go wrong with the fourth step.

Fourth step Get your string and tie a knot around the head of one of the nails. Keep stringing the string around nails. There isn’t a right or wrong way – just keep going until you like the pattern you created. You can also then outlined the entire heart to make the outline pop a bit more also.

Here it is all done! Looks great and can be used for more than just home decoration even has been given as gifts for birthday, holidays or eve Valentines Day.

Thank You @Green Wedding Shoes for the pictures.

Colorful DIY Rope Coasters

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Anyone in need of some coaster? Extra fabric just lying around?

If you are in need of some coaster or just have extra fabric lying around house? Turn it into coasters.

What you will need:

  • glue gun
  • fabric
  • rope
  • scissors

Its can even be a gift for a birthday, just because or a house-warming gift.

1st you will want to cut your fabric into strips about 1/2 in wide.

The Fabric strip length don’t have to be long they can be short, or a couple of inches what ever you feel looks good. Each strap needs to have the hot glue on it and your start with on piece at a time wrapping the fabric around the rope.

The fabric is not supposed to be all the same length you can change it up but it’s up to you.

Now you just keel going till the string is about 2 feet in length but again its your choice to go smaller or bigger you can’t go wrong with these coasters.

First you have to coil over the 1st part of the rope and glue it so you can start wrapping the fabric around the string. ^

As to what length to cut the fabric  your choice but you don’t have to cut the same length as in the picture above there is a little orange compared to the blue but that is what will make your coaster stand out in color and creativeness.

Keep attaching the fabric with hot glue till you belive your rope is long enough.

Now you wrap your fabric till you feel that to coaster is the right size for you once your done you hot glue the very end down like you did when you 1st started.

Here are your homemade coaster that will take no more that 10 min to make.

Thank You Lines Across for the pictures.

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