Why People Keep Coming Back to Conventional Art Forms

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Conventional Art is art that is made using standard mediums, such as paint and canvas. This art continues to be the favorite form of media. The visual aspects of conventional art keep bringing fans back for more.

There is a lot of  new and experimental media out there, but when it comes to buying art,  Conventional  is what people gravitate toward. The newer art is very interesting to the viewer’s eye, but when it comes to purchasing, most people stick with Conventional Art.

People are more comfortable with this form of art because it has been around for centuries. Most people will gravitate to what they know, not the new and upcoming thing.  That’s not to say that the other forms of art aren’t flourishing as well, but Conventional art will never die, even though the prices are higher.

Transient or performance-driven art is often “short-lived”. Therefore, it’s difficult to purchase. When it comes to displaying art, sculptures and paintings offer  flexibility.  There really are so many different aspects to conventional art, such as, materials, media, price, style, and whether you want to hang your art or display it on the floor, it is entirely up to you!



Conventional art will never go out of style; people will keep coming back to the old standard, because it is the most popular. People like to decorate their businesses and homes with it. This form of art has been around for centuries, and will continue to thrive into the future and beyond.


Fathers in History – Father Inspired Art Pieces

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Celebrated annually on the third Sunday in June, Father’s day was introduced in  the early 1900’s and the idea can be attributed to Sonora Dodd who was raised by her widowed father . She came up with the idea after a Mother’s day inspired church sermon. She took in consideration all her father had done for her and her siblings, and thought it would be a good idea that Father’s have a day to celebrate as well. Not just Mother’s. The first Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane Washington in 1910.

Historically we have been celebrating fatherhood even before there was a designated day… Especially through art. Father’s have been an inspiration to many artists whether famous or underrated through out history. Lets take a look into our history and see what paintings were inspired by one of the greatest jobs a man can have!!!!

Dad’s Coming
Winslow Home (1836-1910)

Father Inspired Art 1Photo Credit: About.com

Winslow Homer was an American landscape painter and print maker and is best known for his marine inspired art. In 1873, he spent a summer in Gloucester, Massachusetts where he was inspired to paint Dad’s Coming. Here you see a fisherman’s family waiting on his return. Notice how the son is looking towards the water, waiting for his father’s return. You can feel the anticipation from the boy as he is waiting for his beloved father? Or the Mother who looks looks worried but yet remains calm for her little ones.

Come to Daddy
William Henry Midwood (1833-1888)

Father Inspired Art 2photo credit:  Art Paintings: William Henry Midwood

William Henry Midwood, who lived and worked in London was considered a figure and genre painter. Midwood painted Come to Daddy sometime in the 19th Century. This piece is an adorable reflection of a father and daughters happiness to see one another. Almost gives off a daddy’s little girl vibe. This is a very heart warming painting.

The Four Seasons of Life Middle Age
Currier and Ives

Father Inspired Art 3photo credit: Fine Art America

Based in New York City from 1834-1907 and headed by Nathaniel Currier (1813–1888) and James Merritt Ives (1824–1895), Currier and Ives was an American print making firm. The Four Seasons of Life Middle Age is a hand colored lithograph which represents a father coming home to his family. Look at the wife and children’s eagerness to great the father. This image is often duplicated in today’s reality. How many of us have greeted out fathers at the door just like in lithograph?

A Heavy Burden
Arthur Hacker (1858-1919)

Father Inspired Art 4photo credit: Flickr

Mostly known for painting religious scenes and portraits, Arthur Hacker was also heavily inspired by his travels to Spain and North America. A Heavy Burden represents a father and his two girls walking home from a long day. This beautiful painting exhibits a father as a protector, teacher and leader. Such a loving representation of many of the fathers yesteryear as well as today

These art pieces are just a few examples of father inspired art throughout history. Can you think of any timeless pieces done by historically famous or underrated artists?

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