Inspirational Photo’s – What Inspires You?

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Hey there! Have you ever wondered what goes on in different cultures around the world? I mean, the different inspirational things that happen everywhere and most of us don’t even realize it? With over 7 billion people populating the earth today and not one of them being exactly like another one person, it is inevitable.

Every place is different. Every person is different. Every culture is different. So it would stand to reason that each unique individual is inspired by something equally unique to themselves. Granted, groups of people can be inspired by the same genre of photo’s, but the meaning will be something deeper that reaches the individual on a personal level.

What inspires you?

There are many, many forms of inspirational art. Some are simply photo’s of animals, landscapes, or random items. Other forms are actual paintings and sculptures of people, place, and things. Abstract art is an increasingly poplar form of inspiration because it can be interpreted a million different ways according to the unique mindset of the viewer. Take a look at some of these inspirational photo’s:

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As you can see, inspiration can come from the oddest and most unique places – a beautiful landscape in Australia, a Native American Pow Wow, or even an “onion bulb.” Minds can be inspired by absolutely anything; that is the beauty of being our own individual selves. From photographs, sketches, paintings, drawings, and digital art to famous and infamous quotations, there is inspirational motivation all around us. What is your inspirational motivation?

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70 Breathtaking Photographs (Part 2)

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Hello there, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, back again with part 2 of our 2-part feature highlighting some of the most breathtaking photography from around the world.

Be sure to check out the first installment in the series. We’ll have plenty more for you in the future. So stay tuned and stay inspired. We hope to see you soon!

Aurora borealis, yellow.

Light streaks over train tracks.

Train ride.

Light streaks in city.

Sunset captured from inside of crashing wave.

Rainy city street.

Spider web covered in dew.

Sparks jumping from lit fuse.

Playing in water, black and white.

Snow falling on city street.

Snow covered forest.

Tiny lizard held on finger.

Small jellyfish.

Fog covering skyscrapers.

Sea lions swimming.

Sea lion pups.

Rocket launching into sky.

Red drop splashing into water.

Red panda lounging on rock.

Raindrops and out of focus lights.

Purple jellyfish.

Owl in flight.

Orange sea life.

Insect in orange flower.

Autumn trees in mist.

Perseids meteor shower.

Spiral plant life.

Small spider.

Snowflake crystal.

Frost on red leaf.

Green flies.

Ladybug on beautiful flower.

Water drops on purple flower petals.

Insect on dandelion.

Colorful bird on branch.

70 Breathtaking Photographs (Part 1)

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Hello there, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, back yet again with another multi-part feature, this time highlighting some truly amazing photographs from around the world. This is the first of a planned 2-part feature. Be sure to stick around for next week, when the remaining 35 photos will be posted. We hope to see you then!

The Lifelike Origami of Satoshi Kamiya

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Hello again, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here. A few days ago, we decided to share a few fantastic resources concerning origami as an artform. And so we figured that there should be a bit of a companion piece to go along with it, a feature which highlights an artist who has taken his love of origami by devoting most all of his life to it. The result is a staggering talent by the name of Satoshi Kamiya.

Satoshi began his long journey with origami at the age of only 2 years old, and is still progressing at the age of 31. He is known for his otherworldly intricate origami models. He has created hundreds of models so far, but perhaps his most well-known model is of a dragon, and is named Ryujin 3.5. What is truly remarkable about this model is the attention to detail which went into its creation. If you take a moment to examine the images below, you’ll notice that there are individual scales, each of them painstakingly crafted. And the result is nothing short of an absolute masterpiece. The scales imbue the dragon with a true sense of flow, as they direct your eyes to follow its finely-crafted lines.

Every model Satoshi has created is simply breathtaking, whether it’s a dinosaur, unicorn, sabre-toothed cat, dragon, mastodon, pegasus. It is evident that he feels a preference for powerful and/or mystical creatures. Though he does also make creations of more familiar lifeforms, such as insects, fish, whales, elephants, lions, etc. Many of us remember making origami frogs which would “leap” when you pressed part of it with just the right amount of pressure, but with Satoshi’s rendition of a tree frog, it clearly puts all those efforts to shame; it looks as though it might spring to life at any second! Everything—right down to the disc-shaped pads on its fingers—is accurate and true to life. It looks as though a real live tree frog has been magically transformed into paper!

Satoshi Kamiya is clearly a master of his medium, and easily recognized as an artist by anyone able to witness his works of art. Whether small-scale or large-scale, his models resonate with life and beauty. While his official website is in Japanese (and therefore indecipherable to most), a quick image search will reveal hundreds of Satoshi’s creations, all ripe with fantastic form, color, and creativity. And what’s truly astounding is that most all are made with a single piece of paper. To most everyone, the idea of creating an ornate dragon with wings would require several sheets of paper for each element, but not for a master as skilled as Satoshi.

Thanks so much for stopping by! We’ve hoped you’ve enjoyed this feature and will take inspiration from the phenomenal artist that is Satoshi Kamiya. We’ll see you again soon!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“I invent nothing, I rediscover.” — Auguste Rodin

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