INSTA-KIMIS: The power of Instagram and Imikimi combined

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Did you know you can use Imikimi to edit and frame your Instagram photos and take your artistic images to a whole new level? Imikimi’s powerful editor allows you to edit , and choose from thousands of frames to showcase images you already edited in Instagram. Since creations on Imikimi are called “kimis,” we’re calling these new pieces of art “Insta-kimis.”

I just made this one, using the Hefe filter on Instagram to warm it up, and then framing through Imikimi:



It’s easy to take your Instagram photos and make Insta-kimis out of them.  You can start making your very own Insta-kimis straight from your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. If you have an Android phone, you can still make Insta-kimis if you have access to a computer too. We’ll show you how later in this post. (By the way… this should get easier soon!  We’re hard at work on an Imikimi Android app.)

How-to create an Insta-kimi using an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad:  

Step 1: Taking a photo, edit, and share in Instagram

Take a photo or use an existing photo you want to make an Insta-kimi out of, and apply your favorite filters on Instagram. Then share it on Instagram as you normally would. Instagram will automatically save your edited photo to your camera roll when you share it. You may now exit Instagram.

Step 2: Open an Imikimi app and choose a frame.

Open any of the Imikimi apps you have downloaded. If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you could use imikimi Photo Frames & FX, imikimi Photo Frames FREE, Christmas Frames from Imikimi, FACE Photo frames or Love and Valentine’s Day Frames.  If you’re using an iPad, you could use Imikimi HD Photo Frames & Effects, or imikimi HD FREE Photo Frames & Effects.

Here, I’m using Imikimi Photo Frames FREE on an iPhone. I opened the app and chose a frame I liked.


Step 3: Add the photo from Instagram

Touch the frame, and then touch the blue button the middle of the photo to add your own photo.

iOS arrow to add photo button

Then touch “From your Camera Roll,” and choose the photo you edited earlier in Instagram.

From your camera roll w arrow

Step 4: Edit on Imikimi and share

Position your photo how you like, add your favorite Imikimi FX, click “Okay,” “Save,” and then share your creations on Facebook, Twitter and email!  Ta-da! You’ve made your first Insta-kimi! Be the first of your friends to show one off on Facebook.

How-to create an Insta-kimi using an Android Phone:

You can still make Insta-kimis if you have an Android phone, like a Samsung or HTC. You’ll need to use both your phone and a computer.

Step 1:  Instagram

Open the Instagram app on your Android phone. Take a photo, or open a photo from your gallery, and edit it to your heart’s content. Share it on Instagram, so it will save to your gallery. Close Instagram.

Step 2: Email your photo to yourself

Open your gallery. Android phones can look different from one another, but my gallery icon looks like this:

Android gallery with arrow

You should have a folder in your gallery called “Instagram.” Open it, find the photo you edited in Instagram in that folder, and touch the  share button:

Share via on Android with arrow

Select your email app of choice, and email the photo to yourself.

Step 3:

Put your phone down. Go to your computer, check your email, open the one you just sent to yourself, and download the photo you took and edited on Instagram. Save it in a handy place.


Step 4:

Go to and log in.

Step 5:

Choose a frame on Imikimi, click the yellow “ADD MY PHOTOS” box and select the photo you just saved.

Finish editing as you normally would, save, and share! Be the first of your friends to make an Insta-Kimi and show it off on Facebook.

What do you think? Piece of cake? Too much trouble? Let us know in the comments.

We ask because… we’re always looking for ways to make Imikimi more useful. We’re toying with the idea of creating an app that integrates Imikimi directly with Instagram, so you can skip some of the steps above to make Insta-kimis. Would you use an app like that? If you would, what kind of phone or tablet would you use it on? Let us know in the comments!

Also, we’d love to see your Insta-kimis! Show us your first one on our Facebook Page!

Note: Imikimi is not affiliated with or endorsed by Instagram.


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