Up and Coming Careers in Art

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(Photo Source:  http://pinterest.com)

(Photo Source: http://pinterest.com)

What makes art so amazing is that it means so many different things to different people.  There are graphic designers, photographers, musicians, painters, carpenters, and cake decorators who all call themselves and deserve to be called artists.  However, it is difficult to have a career as an artist, we have all heard the term, “starving artists”… Actually, now more than ever, it is possible to have a lucrative career as an artist.  Let’s take a look at some of the exciting up and coming careers in the arts that could potentially earn you big bucks:

3D Animation

Everything is in 3D now days, you can’t go to the movies without seeing those silly 3D glasses!  With a career in 3D animation, you can utilize your skills and be in high demand.  3D animation is a type of animation that uses computer-generated images to create animated scenes.  A career in 3D animation involves creating 3D moving images using computer software. These images are made with the use of digital models. After the models have been created, details are added, like hair, clothing, skin, grass, trees, and any other items that completes a scene.  Large animation studios sometimes hire students who have earned degrees in 3D animation, so you could see your work on the big screen!

(Photo Source: http://pinterest.com)

(Photo Source: http://pinterest.com)

Food Stylist 

As a food stylist, you not only get to play with food, but you get paid to do it!  Food styling is the art of arranging food so that it looks tasty and fresh. This is important in a number of situations, particularly when the food is being photographed. For instance, the pictures of food that you see in cook books, magazines, advertisements, and menus have been styled.  They will often work closely with chefs, editors, and photographers. Magazine publishers might also hire food stylists, as will cook book publishers.  If you have a culinary background as well as love for art, this could be perfect for you.  You could also make pretty good money. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, similar professionals made an average salary of $40,890 in 2010.

Jewelry Designer

(Photo Source: http://pinterest.com)

(Photo Source: http://pinterest.com)

Put your artistic skills to work by creating bling for a living! A jewelry designer is a professional that comes up with jewelry design ideas. Every piece of jewelry starts out as a simple idea, then a simple design. Jewelry designs can be drawn on paper using pencils or pens, or they can be created with special computer software.  Jewelry designer salaries can vary greatly, but some successful jewelry designers can make a decent living wage from their designs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for these sorts of professionals was $39,940 a year.

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