Make this a summer vacation to remember – Be creative!!!

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It’s almost that time for summer vacations. What are you planning on doing this year? Going cross country to visit a relative? Heading to the beach? Checking out your favorite amusement park? Or, are you just staying home with a glass of tea in hand and relaxing in your favorite lounge chair??? Whatever you decide, don’t let your creative juices take a vacation too! ‘Tis the season to enjoy the beauty in front and make this a creative summer to remember.


Photos capture some of the best moments in our memories, especially in the summer. While you are out enjoying the weather, why not take your favorite camera with you. Capture images that you never thought of capturing. Play around with the lighting. Try to capture the sun rays and how it hits your patio or even the ocean on a quiet evening. Your favorite ride at the amusement park in motion especially at night. Notice the light effects and how they seem to dance and beam off of each other. At the end of the summer, take all of the images you captured and create a collage. Even frame it and even add caption. Once hung, you will see how not only fantastic your summer break was, but how all your memories are combined in to a work of art!

Summer Vacation 1photo credit:

Summer Vacation 2photo credit: Wikipedia Commons

Summer Vacation 3photo credit:

Seashell Art

I am sure everyone has collected a seashell or two to remember that wonderful trip at the beach or even because the shell was too beautiful not to take home. But, have you ever thought a turning your seashell souvenirs into a contemporary art piece? Besides shells, you would need to purchase frames with mats, shells, card stock, tape, scissors, hot glue. Some great examples, finished products as well as tips can be found at the  Sand and Sisal blog.

Summer Vacation 4photo credit:

Summer Vacation 5photo credit:

Summer Vacation 6photo credit: SANDANDSISAL.COM


Using what is front of you, whether you are at the beach, in the park or even in your own yard, summer is the perfect time to use the bright and beautiful colors as your motivation to paint away at your hearts desire. Try to capture a summer storm after it passes. Maybe you will be lucky and capture a rainbow through your window as well as the raindrops peeking through your window screen. On the beach, try to capture a calm night, with a slight breeze and waves. Maybe even have some play in the water or use nature as your inspiration to create and capture a moment as if you were taking a photo with your camera. Painting can be quite therapeutic on a nice relaxing summers day.

Summer Vacation 7photo credit: DeviantArt

Summer Vacation 8photo credit: Art by Valerie Mainwaring

Have have you choose to vacation this summer, make sure you capture the beauty of any moment you would like to visually remember. These are only a few ideas…. Be creative!!!! Don’t let your creativity vacation too!!!!

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