Capturing A Memory That Will Last Forever This Summer? Check Out These Two Frames

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When it comes to capturing our most cherished summertime moments, it may be best to select a number of the frames featured on the Imikimi website and apply them to the pictures we intend on taking. What better way to emphasize such moments then to put a themed and seasonally oriented frame around them. In this post I’ve chosen two frames to focus on, and have explained how I think they can be used to capture those very memorable moments that we intend on holding onto for a very long time.

Frame #1: Nature Frame (Author: Raquel Rocha DeJesus)

Nature Frame Blue

Was it a Mother-and-Son fishing trip in the Florida Keys? Was it a cherished week spent with your grandparents on their lake in Michigan? Or how about that time at summer camp where you began as friends and ended the summer as sisters? If any of those specific scenarios feels like a good fit, then The Nature Frame is for you.

Frame #2: Cosmos Summer (Author: Amber Kiitty 77)

Cosmos Frame Blue

Did your summer include a drive-in movie night in your backyard? Was this the summer of making a friendship that would last forever? How about the summer where you met that one true special person you couldn’t live without?

If any of those things occurred then the Cosmos Summer frame may just be the frame you’d want to use to capture those memories with. If in fact you’d rather choose a different style or model of frame, please check out for a plethora of added options.

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