How to Craft a Photo Collage Puzzle

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Jazz Me -puzzle of love - ps5J-1iG - normal

Looking for a unique gift for that special person? How about a collage picture..made out of a puzzle! This can be a combined treasured and challenging piece for any special occasion. A keepsake that a family can work on together that will result in a treasured photo to frame.

This remarkable crafty gift can be given as a wedding, birthday, retirement, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or even as an announcement for the birth of your new addition to the family. First, start out on Imikimi to create download your favorite picture in cool frame. Then let the crafting begin!

my baby puzzle - 197il-1q7 - normal

Things You’ll Need

  • Standard puzzles (for reference)
  • Poster board
  • Scissors
  • Pictures
  • Glue
  • Cardboard
  • Large laminating sheet (if you plan on laminating the project yourself)
  • Pencil
  • Exacto knife
  • Camera
  • Gift box
  • Glue medium/brush (optional)

Now lets begin with the instructions on your special gift: 

  1. Decide on the size for your project. Use one of the standard puzzles that you have for reference.
  2. Cut your poster board to size. Use one of the standard puzzles as a template.
  3. Place your favorite pictures on the poster board in different ways. Once you have a pattern you like, start cutting and trimming them to fit. Or, upload your picture in one of Imikimi’s collage frames and just print! That easy!
  4. Glue them down. After getting your picture layout just how you want it, glue the whole thing down to the poster board. Glue this down to a piece of cardboard that’s the same size.
  5. Laminate the front and back of the project. You can either do this step at home with large laminating sheets, or take it to an office store to have it done for you.
  6. This step is the trickiest so making similar cuts would be a good start. Trace a light outline in pencil of the cuts that you are going to make.
  7. Cut out the pieces with an Exacto knife and then put them back together to make sure they fit properly, trimming any stray edges as you go.
  8. Take a picture your puzzle picture.

Make a puzzle box to hold your puzzle picture as a gift box.

  1. Choose a gift box. If at all possible, try to find a box the same size as the one that went with the puzzle you used for step 1 of making the puzzle picture.
  2. Enlarge the picture that you took of the finished puzzle picture to fit the top of the box and print.
  3. Glue the picture on top of the lid of the gift box that you chose. Or you can laminate your puzzle picture.

Cute Collage - 3AiV-1Ug - normalNot only will you have fun crafting this special gift for your special one, but they will also have the fun of putting their new photo puzzle together.

Crafting and putting together your puzzle collage picture will bring out your artistic abilities, but it can be a bonding experience as you spend time together constructing your new project into one beautiful picture.


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