Bring some Spring with these DIY Projects!

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OH blessed spring you are finally here and with that comes the spring cleaning, the sprucing up and the re-purposing of all the stuff we have accumulated in our crafting corner all winter. If you are the avid crafter (and I believe that you are) you will not only appreciate this blog but will LOVE LOVE LOVE the ideas. I have scoured the internet to find 3 of the hottest ideas for a fraction of the cost.

This first idea will spruce up your dining room for less than $10. All you will need is a needle and thread, some nice faux flower heads and elastic hair ties.

Rose Napkin Holder

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You can put a smile on your face and make your table inviting with these floral table accessories. This picture uses roses but you can substitute that with any large flower heads. Go wild with the colors! Once you buy your flowers in your favorite hues at a crafts store, cut the heads off and sew them onto regular hair elastics with a few stitches. You can mismatch the sizes of the heads, mix up the colors go crazy and have fun!

Whether you are brightening up a bedroom, hall or the living room, this is super fun and easy do to. Add a fun stripe pattern to a lampshade with different shades of ribbon for $5-$10 depending on the cost of the fabric and size of the shade. All you need for this nifty little trick is different shaded of grosgrain ribbon cut in lengths that equal the height of the shade plus about 3/4″ wide and ½” long, some extra ribbon, and a hot glue gun.

Lamp Shade

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Take the hot glue gun and glue the strips of ribbon to the shade in the pattern you like, make sure you are over lapping the strips and you leave 1/2″ hanging below the bottom of the shade. Glue the loose pieces to the underside of the shade then cut a piece of the ribbon the length of the perimeter of the top of the shade. Fold lengthwise; press the hot glue to top of shade, positioning fold on wire frame. Then stand back and enjoy!

This gem of an idea will both shack and amaze you on how simple it is to transform your BLAH room to a WOW room you will want to spend all your time in. This project will cost you around $30-$40 depending on the cost of the fabric and frames, but it is well worth the extra cost and perfect for that little or big girl room! You will need enough floral fabric to wrap the headboard in, pieces of patterned paper, picture frames, and metallic paint.


Photo credit:

Once you find the floral or patterned fabric you love you will need to measure your headboard so that you have enough to wrap the center of the board on it. You can secure it using a hot glue gun or staples. Once you have this done you can move onto the walls. Take some inexpensive photo frames and some patterned paper (you should be able to find this in the scrapbook section of the store) and add a mat boarder and VOILA! You have wall art! Now for the best part…..take the drab nightstand and use the metallic paint to but a nice coat of beautiful shinny color that will make your room POP!

Now that I have you thinking and looking at all the things you can change in the house, your room and your day, I wish you Good Luck and Happy Crafting!

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