Mother’s Day: Showing Mom Love

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Mother’s Day began in 1908 as a way to celebrate Mom’s and what they do for society.  Although it has changed from a day of church going, family dinners and carnations to an overly commercialized celebration, one thing remains the same: Mom’s deserve to be celebrated!  Being a mom can be a thankless job, let’s be honest, no one says “thank you” for washing my clothes, cleaning the house and driving to soccer practice.  While it may be a thankless job, it is also the most rewarding and fulfilling job that anyone could have.  The joy of learning the alphabet, the super power of a kiss to heal an “ouchie” and the cuddling when they are tired are worth more than any “job” could ever pay.

Mothers Day

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What will you do for your Mom this year? Will you make her breakfast or take her to dinner? Maybe make her a card?  The sacrifice of a Mom can not be made up with one day of gratitude, but it can make her smile and feel loved all year long.  Although the holiday has turned into a large marketing dream for certain companies, the meaning behind the day is what should remain.

Mothers Day2

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Mothers Day3

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Husband and father’s should take note of this day! Not just for their own Mothers but also for their wives.  When it comes to gifts and remembering to do things for the children, Moms typically take charge.  However, this is one day that the men need to step up and help out! Do something special and make it a surprise, your wife will be more than happy with whatever you do simply because you remembered her.

Mothers Day4

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