An Inspirational Journey Through Nature

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When we as human beings begin to seek out sources for inspiration, we more often than not find ourselves turning toward Nature for a helping hand. Nature isn’t just a hodgepodge of animals, plants and landscapes but rather a plethora of community, survival and awe. In this post I wanted to go beyond capturing just the imagery of each picture and take a closer look at the elements such as emotion that are contained within.

Zebra 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Butterfly 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

It is morning, and our journey begins in the Serengeti of Tanzania, where a congregation of Zebra find themselves gathering in an effort to cross a river filled with unknown predators. As we traverse our way through the river and reach land on the opposing side, moss and low-lying vegetation surround our mud-infused feet. After drying ourselves off we begin to tread further into the forest where our eyes are captivated by a spotted Rhododendron housing a very-rare teal-colored butterfly simply looking for something to eat, which is by far one of the more unique things that can be found in the midst of all natural environments.

New Zealand 043014

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Funnel Cloud 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Basic survival and group activities aren’t the only elements that exist within nature. Have you ever heard the terms ‘An Angry Sky’ or ‘Oh Boy, Its Such A Star-Filled Evening’? Well if you haven’t, the next two destinations on our journey clearly represent those terminologies and are sure to inspire you. We begin this portion of our journey way down under in a place called Dunedin, New Zealand where the clear and humid night sky is exemplifying a very boisterous and active Milky Way, complete with an abandoned fish shack in the foreground.  The second portion of our journey highlights the anger and emotional behavior that can our when weather-fronts collide and form atmospheric offspring, better known as funnel clouds or tornadoes.

Elephat Seal 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

Rattlesnake 043013

Photo Credit: National Geographic

The last part of our journey focuses on two very distinct animals, an elephant walrus pondering what to do next in her sleep, and a diamondback rattlesnake coiled up in a defensive position. What brings us to these two specific animals, you ask? Although neither is related in any sense of the word, both of the animals allow us to look deep inside ourselves for various types of emotion and inspiration. How have these images of Nature, inspired you?


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