Spring Digital Art – Beauty Right in Your Front Yard

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Spring has to be one of the most beautiful, welcoming and rejuvenating seasons in the whole year. With the fresh smell of blooming flowers, birds chirping, calming afternoon showers and a breeze that is not only cooling but calming as it hits the trees and makes them sway gently. It is the perfect time to advantage of the beauty that is right in your front yard and use it as motivation to get artistic juices flowing.


photo credit: Macrobiotic Life


Flowers can provide a colorful inspiration to any artist. Take a look at the variety of colors in dandelion or even a rose. Using more than just your vision, use your other senses to capture a more diverse side of a flower. What do you envision? How does it make you feel? What does the fragrance represent? Tell a story of more than just a floral arrangement. Make your art stand out as an expression on how you view spring time beauty.


photo credit: Spring Garden Show


Showers and thunderstorms can make for a bad and gloomy day for some. Take a deeper look into spring showers. They can be motivation to correctly create an array of artistic pieces based off of the calming beauty of the rain drops and the breeze. With the melody of the raindrops tapping  against your window, play around with colors and drop like patterns to create art that will turn a rainy day frown to a smile from its beauty.


photo credit: photographycorner.com

By just looking at your window, front yard maybe even take a walk around a beautiful garden, you will definitely find new ideas to incorporate into your digital art projects. With flowers in full bloom, birds chirping to their own tune, ’tis the season to let playful colors embrace your art. Spring is finally HERE!!!!


photo credit: Digital Art Gallery


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