Inspiration in Art: the Environment

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The topic of the environment can spark a heated and passionate debate about what we as a society are doing to destroy or preserve our Earth.  Are we doing enough to change the damage that generations before us unknowingly caused or are we simply adding to the destruction?  Digital Art has the ability to transcend spoken words and yet still spark that same emotion and conviction from people.

environment photo credit:

environment photo credit:

Phrases such as global warming, eco-systems, carbon footprints, el Niño and la Niña float through the news airways on a weekly basis.  Are we doing more harm than good? Is there an actual way to fix the problem? Will simply recycling and going “green” make a large enough impact to change the damage already created? More companies are coming out with “green” products and the appliances that are now produced are made to be energy efficient which not only cuts down on the money spent monthly in energy costs but also leaves a smaller carbon footprint on the Earth.

environment photo credit:

environment photo credit:

environment photo credit:

Extreme Enviornment or Responsible Practices

The environment like many issues seems to spark the extremes in people.  We see shows on television such as Whale Watchers where their goal is conservation and on the opposite end see shows about hunting and killing animals, who is in the right? Both, neither, this is a debate that will play out until the end of days.  Days set aside each year such as Earth Day where the sole purpose is to help the environment, from planting trees or picking up trash.  Garbage companies are starting to offer free curbside recycling which has in turn lowered what was being put in the landfills.  Recycling has never been hard, however, we are a culture of convenience and by the garbage companies offering a service to help our environment has made it less of a burden and more of an acceptable and easy answer to the waste that one puts into the world.

environment photo credit:

environment photo credit:



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