Spring Cleaning For Your Crafting Corner!

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Crafter Spring Cleaning and Organizing Ideas

For all you fellow crafters Spring cleaning or rather Spring organizing is essential to centering our Chi, making us sane, bringing on the creative juices or whatever cliche you use to breath again! We spend all fall and winter making decorations, contributing to our children’s school project, getting ready for the holiday but most of all we focus all of our attention on others. Then comes the big shocker…..our crafting room or corner or nook. We are just minding our own business ready for another day and sit down to create something spectacular and BOOM it  hits us….Where the HECK is my craft table! Not to worry it happens to the best of us and with that thought I have found some GREAT ideas to not only organize but to conserve space. Which let’s face it…if you are a crafter you will need to conserve space because you can always find SOMETHING you just can’t live without in the store, flea market, garage sales or even a friend’s house.

I have looked around and found some wonderful ideas for organizing and conserving space. For those who have a very limited space for your crafting stuff spring cleaning is essential and this picture from Pinterest is for you.


Photo Credit: pinterest.com

You can find this hanging system at Walmart.com   for under $10 and you can get the hanging organizer from Amazon for under $25.00. Both of these will fit nicely in any closet to give you the optimum amount of organization and best of all space conserving! Now that you are all warmed up for the spring cleaning lets take a look at some more ideas.

For those who have a little bit more space this concept from Pinterest might be good for you.


Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Since you are spring cleaning you may come across a closet you don’t have to put anything in it so you can get a bit more creative with the storage containers. You can purchase something like this or use an old dresser and cut out dividers from plywood. Anyone have a old hutch you aren’t using? That would be perfect or if you are not really handy you can create a make shift book shelf from plywood and cinder blocks.


Photo Credit: google.com

This idea is simple, basic and VERY adjustable. Now for those lucky few that might have an entire wall and are able to just spread out you might think about this bookshelf with some baskets or buckets for the larger stuff along with this Pinterest idea to consider:


Photo Credit: pinterest.com

This option is as simple as getting wooden dowels and brackets from Walmart, Kmart, or any lumber or hardware store and installing them. But make sure, as with anything you put up on the wall,  you know where the studs are. If you mount the brackets to the wall, start loading it up and it is not secured to the stud…..you will have a big mess and a hole in your wall when it falls from the weight.

Now that we are all organized and have SO much space….dive in and create your magic! Happy Crafting!!!!!!



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