Inspiration Found in Nature

April 12, 2013 at 8:00 am | Posted in Inspirational | 2 Comments
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It is easy to find inspiration in nature. When one steps outside there is so much nature can offer to inspire. Whether its the beautiful flowers, the wonderous creatures or just any natural stream, mountain, etc. There is no shortage of beauty in nature. All of which can be inspiring. As one travels the globe there are so many wonderful and mysterious things that can be seen. Nature never ceases to amaze us. The things that are created by nature have always been the inspiration for man in many creations that we see today, but there is no man made thing that can come close to the beauty of what is created naturally. It is that natural beauty that provides the ultimate inspiration.

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One does not have to be looking for inspiration to find it. Finding inspiration in nature is simply opening your eyes and taking a look around. The colors seen in nature are eye popping and beautiful. The sun reflecting off the leaves on a tree. A waterfall with the contrast seen as the water rushes down. The sun peering through the clouds. These are all examples of the type of inspiration that can be found in nature. Photos that capture the true beauty of nature will inspire others to pick up their cameras.

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When choosing a subject to photograph one has many choices. The search for inspiration can take us down many paths. Sometimes we look within our selves for inspiration. Sometimes we look out side our selves for inspiration. We look at pictures, we look at television, we can surf the internet to its very end just to find that one thing that will inspire us. No matter where we look never forget to include what is just outside your door. There is a world of amazement and beauty that lies out there. Just take a minute to take it all in cause there is true inspiration there. Nature will never dissappoint you.

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