Creating Artwork Using Natural Materials To Show Springtime’s Beauty

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Artwork using natural materials is especially satisfying in the spring.  The time of year when the dreary browns and grays magically transform into all the vivid colors of the rainbow.  It’s time to get out of the house, combat that cabin fever that’s been ailing you for the past few months, and feel the warmth of what seems to be a new sun.  What better time to get out and gather some natural materials to enhance your decor and bring spring into your home.

While there are an infinite number of ways to use natural materials as artwork around your home, this article will only address two high level categories.   In one, the natural materials are the art and in the other they provide enhancement.

Artwork Using Natural Materials as Art

Using all natural materials as art is a great activity to get the kids involved in.  After all, they too need to get out of the house and away from the video games for awhile.   It’s a very stimulating exercise for children and their creations are always amazing.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 1

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They are not afraid to be a little more abstract in their creations and mix and match items that to an adult may not seem logical.  But just ask them and they’ll tell you what it all means.   All these need are some nice frames and you’ve got an interesting conversation piece.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 2

Photo Credit:

It’s not just for the young children.  Older children and adults can let their creative side out as well.  Here’s a Lion, made by someone with a vision and creativity that is not found everyday.  A great example of how nature can stimulate ones soul and mind, which are things that provide serenity- an attribute greatly appreciated in today’s 24 hour-a-day society.

Artwork Using Natural Materials as Art Enhancement

Much more commonly seen is artwork using natural materials as an enhancement or a seasonal accessory to another piece of art or possibly a photo or decoration.  And who can resist clipping those  first few tulips that poke up- sometimes through the snow- to remind us that the air shall soon be warm and filled with the many aromas of flower blooms and freshly mown grass.

Artwork Using Natural Materials 3

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Artwork Using Natural Materials 4

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The fascination that comes with knowing of the colossal amount of renewed life that is coming forth makes springtime a great time for creating artwork using natural materials.


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