Kids Picnic Table Re-do

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Do you have a kids picnic table that is faded, color chipped or just needs to be re done? Here is an easy DIY to re-do your kids picnic table it will be eye popping so when your friends come over they will ask where did you get that? You can either keep this for indoors or for outside it will be your choice.

What you will need:

  • 2 cans spray pain your choice in any color spray paint make sure it’s for (plastic)
  • staple gun
  • screw driver
  • fabric 2 yards
  • vinyl

First you will want to take out all the screws here in this picture there were only 8 but make sure your careful with the plastic screw covers.

Second you will spray paint just the two ends of the picnic table with your color choice it should take a can and a half.

Now third while your spray paint dry’s you will want to get your staple gun and staple your fabric to the top of the table stapling it on the bottom and you will also do the same for both benches. Then you can add vinyl to the top so it will give you an easy clean up.

Now when your spray paint has dried and you have added your fabric and vinyl the last step is to screw back in your screws. Dont for get to add the plastic covers back to the screws.

Your final project should look like this:                   

Thank You @Caroline for the pictures


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