Capri Sun Pencil Case

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The beginning of another school year is right around the corner. Have you finished shopping for school supplies? Do you like to recycle? If it’s a “yes” to recycling, we have a perfect craft for you: a Capri Sun pencil case that can be used as a pencil, eraser, crayons, or mechanical pencil holder. It’s fast, easy, and unique, made out of one of your child’s favorite drinks.


  • 6 Capri Sun pouches (washed and dried)
  • 1 10″ zipper
  • sewing essentials: sewing machine, thread

Cut a slit on the bottom of each Capri Sun pouch and pour contents into pitcher.

Next, wash out each pouch and let it completely dry.

Sew 3 Capri Sun bags together, side-by-side, overlapping by approximately 1cm, image facing up. Make 2 sets of 3 bags, one for each side of pencil-case. You can use a straight stitch or a double straight stitch, your choice.

It’s time to sew on the zipper. Place the zipper right-side down on the right-side top of one of the sides. Line up the edge of the zipper with the top edge of the side of the pencil-case. Now with using a zipper foot, sew the zipper on.

Take the other group of 3 bags sewn together and place it on top of the one you just sewed the zipper onto, right sides together. Line up the top edge of that side with the edge of the zipper. Flip over and use a zipper foot to sew on zipper to that side of your pencil case.

Flip that side over and press down, then top stitch on that side of pencil case right under the zipper.

Finally, finish it up by sewing sides of pencil case together. With wrong-sides together, and zipper at top, sew the other 3 sides of the case, not including side with zipper. Make sure to catch the front and end of the zipper in your stitching and make sure to back-stitch at beginning and end. Now your child will have his or her own unique pencil case for school.

I hope you all enjoyed out back to school DIY Carpri Sun pencil-case.

Thank you @Rook No.17: recipes, crafts & creative nesting

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