Crayon Wreath

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With all the kids heading back to school what a better way to get in the school spirit and get back in the swing of things with a Crayon Wreath? The Crayon Wreath is perfect for a front door it is a welcoming piece with bright fun colors of Crayons the wreath not only says welcome in but welcome back to another school year. The Crayon Wreath can also be a gift given to a teacher of a small child k-5th grade or even a gift given through the school year.

What’s needed:

  • Two boxes of crayons
  • Glue gun
  • Ribbon for hanging
  • 2 Quilting hoops -one large -one medium

First. you will need to place your medium hoop inside your large hoop, making sure they are properly aligned. Then you will lay out your crayons to get a feel for how they’ll fit  before you hot glue them. With the tip of your crayons facing outward, line them facing up along the hoop with the ends touching so this way they will all be the same distance apart.

Second you will need to heat up your gun and start gluing. We would start with putting a dot of glue on each ring first, and then securing the crayons down one by one.  Don’t for get to leave a small space for the ribbon.

Third you will need to cut your ribbon to a desired length and tie with a bow. Now all you need to do is decide is this Crayon Wreath for you? If so the front door is a great place to hang the wreath bright colorful and welcoming and if it’s for a teacher then take it with your child to the 1st day of school and it will be a great piece to add to any class room for decoration.

Thank you @Tinprints for the pictures


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