Heart Made of String

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What could you use a String Heart for? A String Heart can be used for your home as decor for any room in your home it add’s that extra pop when someone walks into your home they ask where did you purchase that from? When you say I made it myself the look on their face is price less because it looks like you paid a pretty penny for the decoration. The String Heart can also be used as decoration for a wedding as a main center piece for a table or just put it on an  easel “String Heart” always catches people’s eye and in a way where they think to them self wow that is pretty impressive.

What you will need:

  • piece of wood – the bigger the more dramatic!
  • string – bight color so it will catch people’s eye
  • box of nails (if want a nail with a decent head so the string won’t pop off)
  • spray paint to paint the wood
  • white paper to draw the heart on

First with the wood you need to choose the color you would like to spy paint it and then do so and let dry.

Second step you can trace a heart on white paper then cut out the heart to the size that will work best for you for the wood decoration. When you have the heart where you want it, you will need to trace the heart to the wood board so it can be your outline of where you will nail in the nails.

Third now you will start the hammering process where you will nail around the heart and remember the nails are about an inch apart.

Your half way done now here comes the easiest and most fun part of the whole project you can’s go wrong with the fourth step.

Fourth step Get your string and tie a knot around the head of one of the nails. Keep stringing the string around nails. There isn’t a right or wrong way – just keep going until you like the pattern you created. You can also then outlined the entire heart to make the outline pop a bit more also.

Here it is all done! Looks great and can be used for more than just home decoration even has been given as gifts for birthday, holidays or eve Valentines Day.

Thank You @Green Wedding Shoes for the pictures.


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