Cardboard Racecar for Kids

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Kids cars (cardboard) race anyone?

What to do with the last couple weeks of summer? Why not invite your little ones friends over and spend the last couple weeks of summer outside with a car race made out of cardboard for ages 3-10. These cardboard cars are easy to make just takes some time if you are making more than one but if you are making only one then 20 min per car or longer by the time the paint dry.

These cars can be made just for one kid or more even if you’re not having a playdate or party just there best friend over these cars can entertain the kids for hours and they are reusable so you can use then more than once.

What you will need:

  • rectangle cardboard can already be used it doesn’t matter
  • Box cutter Elmer’s glue and/or hot glue
  • Red spray paint
  • Construction or Scrapbook paper

1st you will you will start out with a rectangle box and cut off the two short flaps on the top.  (Save these for later)

The top half of the picture shows the cuts already made. The bottom half of the picture shows you the lines that were drew prior to cutting.

Tape as shown.

Use the second flap cut off in step one and make a small spoiler for the back of the car. Reattached it with tape and found it held its shape better that way opposed to just cutting directly on the small flap while still attached.

Now all you need to do is paint that’s the easy part, if your child likes the movies Cars then you can do red as show but if your child just likes any car you can choose any color you would like it’s totally up to you. The car below will be red so it will look like Lighting McQueen.

Cut out the number 95 and lightning symbol out of scrapbook paper and attach with Elmer’s glue. Wheels are made from foam board painted black and upside down small red plates. Wheels are attached the wheels with hot glue.
You can always add decorations or just spray paint and add wheels your choice you can’t go wrong with the color of the car or what you chose to put on them your kids will love them and so will their friends.
Thank you @Greene Acres Hobby Farm for the pictures

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