Make Water Toys from Unused Sponges

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Summer is in full effect for the kids by now the kids have got the hang of sleeping in a little more, taking the day to play, watch movie, go swimming or just hang out with friends. If the heat is going past 100 degree its hot! Here is a fun way to keep the kids entertained, cool and they get to play in water.

Sponge DYI Water Balls:

What you will need: To make to balls

  • 6 new dry sponges measured 3″ x 4 3/4″
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • string or zip tie
  • marker

Now you  will want to draw 5 lines on the sponges and cut the lines so your making strips with the sponges.

I love the bright summer colors that are being used but you can use what ever colors work best for you.

Lay your string out flat on your surface or zip tie your choice. Now layer your sponge pieces on top of each other & on top of your string. The layers should be 6 sponge pieces across and 3 high.

Now you will want to bring your string together in the middle and pull it tight. If its string you can wrap it around again then all you will need to do is fluff out the ball.

Easy as 123.

These are home-made water balloons that you can keep and use time after time for anything if it’s just for your kids or even a party.

Water Balls: bright, fun, colorful and the kids love them!

Thank You @ Doaller and Sense Decor for the pictures.


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