Colorful DIY Rope Coasters

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Anyone in need of some coaster? Extra fabric just lying around?

If you are in need of some coaster or just have extra fabric lying around house? Turn it into coasters.

What you will need:

  • glue gun
  • fabric
  • rope
  • scissors

Its can even be a gift for a birthday, just because or a house-warming gift.

1st you will want to cut your fabric into strips about 1/2 in wide.

The Fabric strip length don’t have to be long they can be short, or a couple of inches what ever you feel looks good. Each strap needs to have the hot glue on it and your start with on piece at a time wrapping the fabric around the rope.

The fabric is not supposed to be all the same length you can change it up but it’s up to you.

Now you just keel going till the string is about 2 feet in length but again its your choice to go smaller or bigger you can’t go wrong with these coasters.

First you have to coil over the 1st part of the rope and glue it so you can start wrapping the fabric around the string. ^

As to what length to cut the fabric  your choice but you don’t have to cut the same length as in the picture above there is a little orange compared to the blue but that is what will make your coaster stand out in color and creativeness.

Keep attaching the fabric with hot glue till you belive your rope is long enough.

Now you wrap your fabric till you feel that to coaster is the right size for you once your done you hot glue the very end down like you did when you 1st started.

Here are your homemade coaster that will take no more that 10 min to make.

Thank You Lines Across for the pictures.

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