Portable DVD Coloring Case for Travel

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Traveling for vacation, just to see family or a road trip? This plain old dvd case turned into a dvd coloring case for kids. I’m sure none of us like to hear from the kids ” How much longer till will stop?” Or im board, instead of having them not enjoy them self keep them busy with this dvd case it can hold their choice of color pencils, markers or crayons.

What I like the most about it is that on the left side you can cut paper to fit in that side of the dvd case so you have paper on the left and color pencil, crayons or markers on the right.


  • old dvd box
  • small piece of cardboard
  • fabric
  • color paper
  • card stock
  • utility knife
  • glue or tape

The 1st part can be a little hard all you’ll need to do it cut out the circle part that holds the DVD where the DVD clicks into the box this way it will give you a flat surface. Put your hard board between the plastic cover and the case so that way you wont cut the cover when cutting out the circle.

Cut out the dvd circle section out and now you’ll need to cut a piece of card board to fit in that whole right side then you cover it with fabric.

Now your going to want to cut a piece of fabric a little more that half the length of the inside of the dvd case so when you fold it you will have enough fabric I would recommend ironing it so you have a good fold.

Now put the piece of card board with the side covered with fabric facing down so it is on top of the colored pencils.

Dont for get to tape the corners down.

Dont for get to glue the pocket down into the case so it wont fall out.

 Cut some paper to fit in the case and place it under the tabs for the DVD info.

Last but not least cut out card stock paper your choice in any color and use it to decorate the front of the DVD case but make sure you insert it so it is in between the plastic and the case.

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