Vivid Wax Hearts with Silicone Molds

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Summer is here and with many of us who have little ones like to change it up and look for new fun different things we can get the kids involved in.

Todays your day because we are going to get crafty and show everyone how to make crayons more fun!

Now you don’t have to go out and buy a box of crayons if you have old ones at home or are even broken ones the only time you have to go out and buy new crayons is if you don’t have any. Now if you do have some at home go and get them its okay if there are just pieces as long as it’s a crayon and we want all colors not just one color family let’s get as many colors as we can. If your on your way to the store any big box of Crayons will work.

What will need to make Crayon Shapes out of Silicon molds:

  • Crayons
  • Silicon mold any shape or size (I used hearts)
  • Baking trays to put your molds on when in the oven

 Lets Start

Will start with getting the kids to help taking the paper off the Crayons so they are plain:

Dont forget the paper has to be taken off of every single Crayon :0)

Before we start the next step its time to pre head the oven to 250 degrees

When that’s all done break the crayons in to small pieces so they will fit in side the heart silicon or any silicon mold you are using:

The colors can be mixed so don’t feel that you must have all the same color in certain hearts but instead lets mix it up and what ever colors you would like to add it in all the hearts go ahead make the crayons fun! This way when we have made our crayon molds the kids will stay busy because now they will want to color so make sure there is plenty of paper around or coloring books.

Once you have filled your molds its time to make sure your oven is at 250 and if it is place your molds on the baking tray and leave them in the oven for 11-13 min depending on your oven. Once you take them out make sure that none of the liquid crayon has over filled if everything looks good now put them in the freezer for 15 min to harden faster or you can just leave them out so they can harden on their own.

Once they are harden all you have to do is pop them out and there ready to use :0)


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