The Wit and Charm of Glenn Jones

June 8, 2012 at 11:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | 1 Comment
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Hello once again! It’s the Imikimi Team here once again, and today we’re excited to bring you yet another (hopefully) awesome feature. At Imikimi, we love art that brings a smile to our faces. And so we love it even more when other artists are able to do the same. That’s why today, we’re going to be shining some spotlight on a fantastic illustrator whose works are all about fun and wit and smart humor. That artist is Glenn Jones.

From Auckland, New Zealand, Jones has made a name for himself in the world of illustration and silkscreen apparel design. He has reached a legendary status over at (another site we love). After getting his designs chosen and printed on Threadless countless times, Jones decided to venture forth on his own, creating his own line of silkscreen apparel. That was the correct move, if we do say so ourselves, because his works are simply brilliant. Bold, clean, and vivid, his designs are the epitome of eye-catching design.

Glenn Jones love himself a clever pun, and thousands of happy customers are right there with him. Putting a spin on everything from TV, movies, comics, books, games, and more, Jones loves to parody pop culture in the most amusing and light hearted ways. With roughly 100 different shirt designs for sale, there’s bound to be something which will strike your fancy and light up your day, if only for a few seconds. Whether it’s a camper fighting off a giant gummy bear, a donut-loving rendition of Robocop, or a sci-fi take on the classic “ship in a bottle,” every design is just plain fun, which is something rare.

His business goes by the name GLENNZ, which is a very appropriate portmanteau of Glenn + NZ (New Zealand), and the entire website is completely covered with color. Not a single frequency of the rainbow is missing here. These are all fantastic, quirky gifts for all your loved ones; both kids and adults alike will find something to love. Jones is clearly a master of minimalism, using only the most essential lines in order to make his characters take shape, letting the concept take precedence over the technical details.

As always, thank you so very much for stopping by the official blog of Imikimi. There’s lots more exciting things coming your way soon, so keep your ear to the ground as there’s more news to come!

Best wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“If a building becomes architecture, then it is art.” — Arne Jacobson

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