TuTu Wand

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Hello everyone! Today im going to share with you how to make a TuTu Wand that can be used for dress up, birthday parties, Halloween or give aways.

Tools needed:

  • tulle 6 inch wide by 2 feet long/ two different colors of tulle would also look great
  • card board enough to make to size DVD’s
  • ribbon
  • wood dowel or plastic down
  • scissors

This craft should  no longer than 20 min to make one

Okay so here is where will start go get a dvd and with a pen copy the dvd on card board and do it two different times:

Now with the  ribbon cut a piece and put it on the cardboard like the picture above ^

Then get your second piece of cardboard and out it on top of the ribbon so the two cardboard circles are even

Now get your ribbon and put it through the hole of the card board and start wrapping it around start one way and keep going that way so the tulle will be even around the cardboard circles and just keep going to the circles are full

Now make sure you do leave the ribbon sticking out so one you start cutting you can tie the ribbon in order to hold the Tutu Wand together

Start cutting the tulle all the way through so you will be cutting all the way around the circle cardboards

Now when the tutu wand is cut and you get it out of the card board attach a wood dowel or plastic stick to the bottom and glue it in and hold it for 5 seconds to make sure it will stay

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