Butterfly Treats

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Hello everyone welcome to the craft of the day Butterfly Treats something bright colorful and something fun for the children. Not only is this a craft but it is also a treat holder you can feel with snacks for school, playdate or even a birthday party.

Here is what you will need to make a Butterfly Treat :0)

  • Clothes Pin
  • small plastic eyes a craft store will have them
  • washable paint or marker
  • half-size sandwich bags
  • colored pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • treats/snack

Okay everyone here we go!! This craft should take no longer that 10 min to have done

1st grab a clothes pin and pick your choice paint or a marker and color one side of the clothes pin

Now while they dry pick up your pipe cleaners in any color the more different colors the better and cut them in half

Now its time to put together our Butterfly Treats

Now that the clothes pin had dried you can glue two small plastic  eyes to the part that opens on the pin and now get a pipe cleaner that is cut in half and with your glue again glue the folded pipe cleaner to the bottom of the open part.

When you are all done grab you small plastic zip lock bag feel it with treats and right in the middle use your clothes pin so now it looks like the zip lock bag are the wings of the Butterfly

Now I hope everyone enjoys their Butterfly Treats the treats can be used for more than just at home but also playdates, school, party’s and family events


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