The Delightful, Colorful Crafts of Minieco

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Hello once again, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team, back once again to share with you some truly awesome crafts. While there are thousands, even millions, of crafting tutorials to be found around the net, it is rare to find a consistently awesome collection of crafts with a unified style. While places like Instructables are awesome, it can quickly become overwhelming, not to mention that it can often be a chore to click through multiple pages just to see all of the steps involved. Thankfully, there’s Minieco.

Started by a married mother of two boys, Minieco is the personal crafting blog of Kate Lilley. The site is clean, bright, fun, and easy to navigate. Everything here is just simple, in the best way possible. If you take the time to stroll on over to her site, you’ll notice it follows the typical blog format, with posts being made in reverse chronological order. So what that means is that you’ll be met with the newest item upon your visit.

But we’re looking for the good stuff, right? Where are all the awesome crafts? Simply click on the “Tutorials” navigation link, which you’ll find on the very top right of the page. You’ll be brought to an awesome thumbnail gallery of all the available tutorials. You’ll instantly fall in love with the bold, friendly colors all over the page. At this time, there are currently 60 tutorials, but that number is steadily growing. Hovering your mouse pointer over each image will pop up a description of that project.

If you see a project you like, go ahead and click on the link to be taken to the full tutorial, such as for the paper gems project. You’ll notice that all of the photographs of the end product here are all crystal clear and professional, showing off the craft in all its glory. In this particular project (along with a few others), it also happens to come with a template which can print out and use as an aid when assembling these super cool paper gems. Low-cost, easy, and fun, these are a perfect way to add some vivid decor to your childrens’ room, whether hung from the ceiling or strung as a garland and pinned to the walls.

Not just limited to crafts, Minieco also has a few different projects involving food, such as popcorn + sprinkles = ♥, or the adorable teddy bear toast. These are quick and easy ways to liven up an evening snack or a breakfast meal. There is even an official Minieco book written by Kate, Eco-Friendly Crafting with Kids.

As always, we want to thank you for stopping by the official blog of Imikimi. Stay tuned for more as we’ll have more features for you shortly! 🙂

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things, a poet in words, a musician by sounds.” — Henry Moore

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