Art Through the Eyes of Maciej Mizer

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Hello everyone out there! I am so very excited to bring you my featured artist of the week. I know that last week I blogged on my favorite advertisement artist, well this week I am going to share with you my favorite design artist. This week I have chosen to let you all know about again a very talented artist that goes by the name of Maciej Mizer. This guy is a true photoshop genius, and his work reflects just pure talent. His website showcases his portfolio and all of his work. Of course you can see a wide range of his works on his facebook page. There is something to be said about people born with natural talent, and this kid has it. Maciej is a polish native and the co-owner of a design firm called The Fuse Collective.  There isn’t a lot of background information available on him, all we really know is that he is polish, incredibly brilliant, and quite secretive when it comes to his bio. He has a bunch of really big time clients to include the likes of Pepsi, and P&G.

One of my favorite works that he has done is called struggle. The uncorrupted motion in this rendition is just miraculous. He has found a way to put so much texture and movement into artwork. And with the use of Photo Shop! Just an insane gift, to say the least. The birds in this piece appear to be in motion, and with the flying feathers and the weather that he created in the background, you can in reality tell the story. I know I may be a little bit of a fan of his, but without a doubt this is good stuff.

He has been noted as one of the top artists to watch and learn from in the industry. And has been used not only in his freelance career but also in so much advertising and marketing campaigns. If you can figure out what makes this artist so good, and figure out how to gain this kind of creative genius, well then you have to be faking it. I say that only because I have never seen this kind of work presented in such a unique way for as long as I have been looking at art. Now I was an amateur photographer in my day and back then I thought that I was a modern day Ansel Adams, but compared to Maciej, I am just a pebble in the ocean.

I have seen with his work, and the works of other current and up and coming digital artists a new trend in the art and advertising worlds. With ever changing tools like Phtotshop, an artist literally has no limitations to creativity, I do miss the olf fashipned art world of a day long passed, however there is something eerily familiar and likeable about the new style that these artisits are using these days. I don’t want to sound like an old foggie here but I had no idea that a person could create images like this with a computer program. Maceiej jas found a way to create the very being of the real world in a digital painting. I love how he uses texture, it is just awe inspiring to contemplate the tetures and mvement in his work. Again another very talented way to advertise that definitely gets me more motivated to purchase whatever it is that he is advertising.

Thanks from all of us here at Imikimi to all of you out there. Keep checking in with us for more great art tips and artists of the week. There is always something new and exciting happening here at Imikimi for you to read about, and we will continue to post about all of our wonderful thoughts and ideas.

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