The Vivid Style of Jerico Santander

May 17, 2012 at 6:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | 1 Comment
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Hello out there! I am very delighted to bring you my feature artist this week. And this is certainly one of my favorites. This young man certainly is a beautifully capable young artist that goes by the name of Jerico Santander. His work is powerful and soft, yet at the same time it tells a substantial story with color and lines. That’s all art is anyway, just color and lines, the beauty lies in how we represent and personalize these fundamentals and present them to the world. This artist has found a way to not only dumbfounded the digital art community, but also move fellow artists.

A little background info on him. Jerico is a freelance art director as well as photo illustrator based in Lanzarote, Spain. He has been interested in art all of his life, but it wasn’t until 1998 when he discovered computers and how to use Photoshop, this became his new paper and colored pencils. A few years ago he began working in a small creative agency called Atutiplen. This is where he started to develop his technique and skills as an illustrator. From then on it didn’t take him long to begin his own career as an independent artist.

Jerico has worked for several agencies and brands from all over the world, he has also contributed with artists and artworks for same of the most prestigious digital art and design magazines. Colors, balance and some serious doses of surrealism are the base point for most of his work. He also finds a way to mix in photography, 3D graphics and digital painting to his work.

It amazes me how much he can incorporate into a piece of art. There is so much depth and detail in each piece that they all entice you to stare at them for hours. Well at least for a little while. I have found that I am not able to find a favorite work of his as I love them all. But for the sake of time I will share a few of my top picks of Jerico’s, you can see a full gallery of all of his work in his online gallery.  One of my immediate picks would be the work that he did for the company Asics; there are a few pieces in this collection all equally charismatic in their details, yet unendingly different in the overall appearance.

These pieces represent mother earth, as being a head and all of the elements of the earth are sprinkled along the features in the face and on the head.  There are three works in this collection; each one of them represents the face of the runner above. And in each one of the earth appears to be smiling to give off a sense of tranquility. These are more than works of art; they are advertisements that went all over the globe to market a brand. I know I would buy the shoes based on these ads.

You most definitely will agree with me that he is a very unique and different artist. But nonetheless very talented at what he does. I have studied the art of advertising with art and I agree that it is a very good way to make products more appealing to the public. People want to see diversity and color in the advertising world; the most eye-catching ad wins the bid in the consumers mind.  Without going on and on about Jerico, I would love for you to check out his work for yourself. Because I know that I could talk endlessly about this guy. So go check out his portfolio and the various blogs out there on the web about him. Leave your thoughts and comments, and help his work become more mainstream.

Thank you from all of us at the Imikimi team for stopping by and reading our blog here. We will continue to bring you the very best blogs and content that we can, all you have to do is stop by! How much better could that get?

“An artist is a dreamer consenting to dream of the actual world.”

— George Santayana


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