11 Easy Crafting Tips

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Hello everybody, it’s the Imikimi team again with another wonderful list of craft ideas! Just like you, here at Imikimi we love handy craft tips, I have a few good ones that I would love to share with all of you. Here are some great tips to help any level crafter stay efficient while creating those great projects. These tips are meant to keep you and your workspace clean and organized, so you can create away. I’ll give you 10 great tips to get your workspace in shape.

  1. Light Bulb Sewing Helper
    Simply take a light bulb and shove it up into a sock that needs mending or repair, this creates a nice firm sewing surface for you to sew on while keeping the form of the sock.
  2. Keep your workspace clean with Vinyl
    Take a piece of vinyl flooring that someone isn’t using anymore and simply cut it to fit your craft table. This not only cuts back on the mess, you can switch it up as often as you want (or need) for a personalized craft table look. This also comes in handy when creating those messy projects that spill over the edge, it’s easy to clean and replace.
  3. Re-using clothes for Art Smocks
    Rather than throwing away old shirts and dresses your child has outgrown or stained, cut them up the back and use them as paint smocks. If the clothing has buttons on it you can link rubber bands together and thread them through the hole and around the button to hold it on. Saves money and helps you get even more use out of clothing.
  4. Recycling Plastic Lids
    Large Plastic lids, like those from margarine tubs or coffee cans, can be very useful in your crafting. Not only can they act as a disposable paint pallet or glue holder, they can easily be made into stencils you can save for years to come! Simply draw the desired design onto the lid and cut carefully. You can then either trace the outline or fill in the holes.
  5. Removing Glue Residue
    I use a product that seems to have endless uses… Skin-So Soft from Avon! I rub a little on the glue and let it soak just a minute and then rub with a dry cloth. The glue residue should come off pretty easily – we use it for all kinds of glue removal, marks on the floor… you name it.
  6. Family Time
    Did you know that crafting is a great way to create some good family time? Involve your kids in your crafts even in the clean-up process. They will appreciate being involved in the art making that you do, and who know you may even create a little crafter as well. There are thousands of crafts that kids can do, even crafts for the older kids. You can come up with everything from bracelet making, to scrap booking for the older kids. And for the little ones: Crayons to candles, and pipe cleaner animals. Now back to the tips…The next tips are fun little crafty ideas that you can try this week. I’ll give you my top 5 favorite to round out this week’s 10 Crafty Tips.
  7. Sharpen your scissors by cutting sand paper.
    Using sandpaper is a quick and easy way to sharpen craft scissors, I also use a little bit of aluminum foil and cut it up into pieces to sharpen scissors.
  8. Place a little bit of Vaseline to the end of your glue gun to get rid of those long glue strings.
    Doing this allows the hot glue to glob right where you put it and avoid those nasty lava hot strands that dangle from the glue gun.
  9. Soak your paintbrushes in fabric softener or hair conditioner for 10 min… Cleans right off!
    You can use any basic fabric softener or standard hair conditioner. I keep an extra bottle of conditioner on hand just for the paintbrushes. This is a great way to keep brushes in shape for a long time without replacing them.
  10. Keep those cardboard boxes!
    Cut & cover with patterned paper to make a mini album, cover with art paper and use as a canvas, and I always use them to eliminate a mess while spray painting! Sounds like a common sense tip, but you would be surprised at how many people make messes that they can avoid.
  11. Need to create a large pattern? Use newspapers!
    You can make any pattern you can think of with a newspaper. Simple cut out the pattern from the paper, and use it over and over, you can duplicate patterns this way too.

As always thank you for checking and checking out the blogs. From the Imikimi team to you, we wish you the very best day and we’ll see you next time!



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