Art Brought to Life by Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner

May 11, 2012 at 11:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | 2 Comments

Hello there, fellow artists! We here at Imikimi are excited to have you back! Today we’re going to be featuring two very, very special talents here on the blog. Together, these two artists possess amazing traditional art skills as well as a certain flair for creating scenes which come to life before your very eyes. Well, if you’re standing in the correct position, that is… 🙂 Read on to learn more of what this means, as your ideas of what can be done with simply chalk and pavement are about to be dramatically altered!

As children, most of us had the experience of drawing on the sidewalk or driveway with large sticks of colored chalk. Fun, yes, but it tends to be a pastime which stops at childhood. There’s no particular reason why, even for those of us who have maintained an artistic sensibility as we move onto other mediums such as pencils and paints. But thankfully there are two incredible artists who have elaborated on that much-loved childhood memory of doodling on asphalt, transforming it into some of the most incredible art you’re likely to see, on the sidewalk or in a museum.

Julian Beever and Kurt Wenner are create jaw-droppingly gorgeous works which take shape and come to life for those looking at their work. By using merely chalk, these two artists are able to create 2D images on the ground which when looked at from the correct angle, appear to be fully 3D scenes, paintings come to life. It’s difficult to do justice to their works with just words, so it’s best if you take the time to look at all of their works to get a better idea.

Using their masterful understanding of optics, perspective, form, and foreshortening, Julian and Kurt are able to cause lifelike creations to rise from the concrete, while taking up zero volume in the process. Now, these images don’t exactly “work” from every angle. Instead they come to life from a single perspective. To see just what we mean, take a look at the below image of one of Julian’s works, view from the “correct angle”. Then look at the image below that, taken from an “incorrect angle.”

With just that single photo, it becomes clear all the work and planning which must go into a piece to make it appear to stand vertically from the ground. Even the most masterful of artists would have difficulty creating something similar, as perspective art requires a fine eye for detail.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by the official blog of Imikimi! We hope you’ve enjoyed this feature, and will come by again soon for more articles and crafts. Until next time!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“Vision is the true creative rhythm.” — Robert Delaunay


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  2. Hi, my name is Constance and i was wondering when did Julian Beever created and where he created the artwork of a genious.

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