5 Tips to Make Your Scrapbook Pop!

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Scrapbooking is an amazing way to save your photos and memories in a creative fashion. While some people choose to only keep their photos in a photo album, scrapbooking gives you that personal touch and allows you to create a decorative page and customize it depending on the event or time in your life.

Although there are several ways to make your scrapbook special, it’s easy to get stumped when you’re trying to be creative. So we’ve compiled a list of 5 tips you can try out to boost your scrapbook pages.

1. Allow your children to design their own pages.

Here’s a great one if you have little kids. Give them a blank sheet of paper and some crayons, markers, or colored pencils and let them go to town! You can ask them to draw something in particular or just let them have free reign and draw something using their imagination. Then you can take their artwork and use it as a background page for posting pictures of them just being kids!

2. Quote your friends and family.

Remember that funny thing your uncle said when he described life? Or when your brother was telling a story about something he said to someone at work? When you make a page specific to a certain event or for a particular person, one thing you can do is put a quote from the person on the page. Just being able to look back years from now and read something they had said will jog memories that you may have forgotten.

3. Never tape or glue anything down right away.

Many seasoned scrapbookers know this is a highly valuable rule in scrapbooking. Anytime you put something down, let it sit for a bit. You may decide you don’t like it there or want to put something else down. In scrapbooking, nothing has to be permanent until you use the means to make it that way. It’s your book to do with as you please!

4. Make seasonal pages.

Seasonal pages don’t necessarily have to be just light colored pages with flowers for spring or oranges & browns with leaves for fall. A good way to get creative is to create a ‘Top Ways to Chillout’ for summer. You can then show pictures of different members of your family or in your group of friends doing different summer-y things they enjoy.

5. Make a page dedicated to your children’s Christmas lists.

When Christmas is upon us, we all know that kids tend to get crazy with the type of gifts they want. I remember asking for an buffalo at the tender age of 3. Why not create a couple pages dedicated to your child’s Christmas list? Show pictures of different things they ask for and add in a list that’s handwritten by your child. You’ll be able to go back and show them what kind of adorable things they were asking for (and pull it out later down the road for their children and significant others to see).

So there you have it! I hope this helps give you some new and creative ideas for your scrapbook. Stay tuned for more crafts coming up!

Best wishes,
The Imikimi Team

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