Shamrock Ribbon Craft

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Hi guys! Imikimi Team here and coming at you with a new Spring craft! Even though we’re now officially past St. Patrick’s Day, if you’re a scrapbooker it’s time to put your memories into your scrapbook! We’re here to tell you how to make a woven shamrock to decorate books, make magnets, give as gifts, or decorate the pages of your scrapbook!


  • Green Ribbon (enough for three 5” strips)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Clear Nail Polish or Lighter to seal the ends of the ribbons

Cut three 5” strips of ribbon.

Fold 2 strips in half to create a crease. Make an X with the 2 strips and use your hot glue gun to glue the strips together.

Now fold the top left strand behind the bottom left ribbon and use your hot glue gun to attach it.

Take your bottom left strand and weave it thru the loop you just created. Glue this to the ribbon. Your shamrock should look like this right now.
Turn your ribbon so the 2 strands you haven’t worked with are on the left. Now you’ll be able to use the instructions above to do the same with these two strands.

After completing the loops, take your other piece of ribbon and make a ‘V’ shape . It’s best to use a bit of hot glue to make sure the ribbon keeps its ‘V’ shape.

Now fold the right strand over to make a loop and glue it into place. Take the left side and weave it into and under the right loop and glue into place.

Glue the smaller section you just completed to the center of the larger woven piece. Now you can add a stem and you’re done! NOTE: To make a 4 leaf clover, just make another smaller section to glue to the bottom of your shamrock.

Best Wishes,
Imikimi Team


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