The Mysterious Works of Tebe Interesno

March 20, 2012 at 11:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | 1 Comment
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Hey there once again, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, back once again to share some more wonderful art with you. It’s been a while since we’ve featured the work of an artist, and so today we’ve decided to do just that and show you the astounding work of Russian illustrator Tebe Interesno.

While there is not much information to be found around the net about Tebe, his body of work speaks volumes. His work can be found sprinkled around the web, his gorgeous illustrations and their messages being just as ambiguous as the artist himself. Though to call his art “illustration” isn’t exactly the best way to describe it, because his works are actually a blend of illustration and photography.

More of Tebe Interesno’s artwork can be found here. The pieces are difficult to describe, but they can be described as having a tilted view of our world, having a sort of gentle curiosity and playfulness regarding our world, and possible worlds beyond. Tebe takes existing photographs and then digitally paints characters over them, ranging from alien-looking beings to cuddly, timid creatures.

The ability for the artist to capture the shy and curious nature of humans and incorporate it into these strange characters while still making us feel is astounding. The feeling of being a stranger in a strange land is an immediately recognizable theme found throughout many of Interesno’s works. For those of us who have experienced feelings of reservation, uncertainly, and homesickness, we will immediately be moved by these creatures. They are mostly shown lurking within shadows, not yet sure of what they will found. They bring about feelings of compassion.

We do not know anything about Tebe or his reasons for creating these pieces or what they are intended to convey, but it is clear that he possesses a very unique vision and talent, and his choice of mixing the mediums of photography and painting is a rare one, at that.

As always, we want to take the time to thank you for stopping by the official blog of Imikimi. We hope you have enjoyed the gorgeous works of Tebe and that you will stop by again soon as we roll out more craft and art features. Until then, take care and we’ll see you soon.

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“Art is the proper task of life.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

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