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February 14, 2012 at 8:00 am | Posted in Craft Corner, Imikimi | 13 Comments

Hi guys! Imikimi Team here!

As you know, we just launched our Shop Kimi Products section on this past week. There’s just a few things we want to let you know about our new items.

First off, if you haven’t seen our new Kimi store we’ll show you how to access it. First select a Kimi. Next click “Add my Photos” and then “Add Photos for Kimi Products”. You’ll be taken to the Kimi Editor so you can add you picture and make all the necessary adjustments. Once you’re happy with your Kimi, click Save. You will be taken to the Kimi Products screen. Now it’s time to pick your product.

We now offer a beautiful canvas gallery wrap so you can display a larger version of a Kimi in your home. Most Kimi’s are square and fit perfectly on this product. If you select the Canvas Gallery Wrap, you’ll see a customizable display on the right hand side of the screen. Here you are able to select your size and adjust your image to show the portions you want printed. Just remember, with this particular product part of your picture will wrap around the edges. You may notice you won’t need to perform any adjustments when the Kimi is sized to 8×8. This is because the Kimi is already equally proportioned and does not need to be adjusted. Most Kimis are square in proportion and fit perfectly on this product.

Some Kimis will only allow you to make adjustments to certain portions of them based on their shape. For example, if a Kimi is rectangular, you will only be able to adjust the picture left and right, but not up and down. Check out the example below:

 Some of our other products, such as the mugs, offer a chance to adjust the portion of the picture you want printed as well. With the mugs you can only change the picture by moving the drag-able portion up and down. See below for how the mug adjustments will look.

Super Awesome Tip: Try giving someone the Magic Mug for a Birthday present or Mother’s Day gift, but don’t tell them what picture is on it. Have them put some coffee, tea, or hot chocolate in it and watch the picture appear!

Hopefully this will help you with placing and ordering your Kimi’s on our amazing new products. Thanks for tuning in!

Best wishes,
Imikimi Blog



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  1. you are very good

  2. joining imikimi

  3. i love this imikimi how bout you?.

  4. I want to learn more

  5. i love imikimi cause of der amazing designs

  6. i love imikimi

  7. love my imikimi sight!!! 🙂

  8. I love imikimi. I create everytime I log on. I am just adicted to this site. I add all my art to my websites to share with everyone. No I dont charge lol.

  9. I love imikimi

  10. i love my imikimi is well nixa reyes ok lol

  11. I like imikimi

  12. so cute

  13. I love kimi making nice picture making differenc

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