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January 26, 2012 at 11:00 am | Posted in Craft Corner | Leave a comment

Hello, faithful readers! It’s the Imikimi Team here, and we’re back again to provide you with more inspiration to fuel your own projects. We contend that inspiration is perhaps the most important single resource when it comes to creating new art. Sure, technical ability and imagination will get you pretty far on their own, but inspiration is what triggers the start of a piece. And so today we’re going to feature CraftGawker, which aims to do just that.

CraftGawker is simply a must-visit destination for those who love crafting awesome projects. Visiting the homepage will reveal a feast for the eyes of handmade objects, ranging from relatively simple all the way to insanely complex. You will see before you preview images of the latest and greatest to be submitted to CraftGawker, as the site gathers fun and interesting crafts found all over the web. Paper crafts, food, leatherwork, felt toys, paintings, furniture, fashion, and decorations are just a minute taste of some of the projects you’ll see here.

Go ahead and scroll down the page until something catches your eye (which won’t be long), and then click on the preview image to be taken to the site where more information about the craft lies. Most every project includes more photos of the craft so you can get a better sense of the way it looks. And the best part is that the majority of these projects are also tutorials. Which means that you too can create these items. So CraftGawker is also a fantastic learning resource!

Take for instance this tutorial which teaches how to make magical glowing jars. Clicking the gorgeous image will take you to the page where you can learn more about the crafter’s process, as well as step-by-step instructions to follow, along with the items needed. This a great way to find awesome gift ideas for loved ones. And because most have clear directions on just what’s needed.

If you want to see which projects are getting talked about and enjoyed the most, go ahead and click on the “popular” tab on the upper left of the site. By default, you’ll see the most “favorited” projects, but you can changed that time frame to “last 30 days” or even “all time.” Let’s click the latter of the links so we can see some of the most loved crafts on the web. Again, here you’ll find some astounding things here, including fancy hair braiding, gardens, bracelets, baked goods, pillows, indoor terrariums, and so much more! And that’s just the first page! You can sort through over 320 pages full of projects, putting the amount of projects you can find via CraftGawker in the thousands.

We hope this highlight has given you a few awesome ideas, and has you excited for more of our own crafting series! So please stop by again soon, as we always have more articles in the works for you each week! See you soon!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“Elbow grease is the best polish.” — English Proverb


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