The Perfectly Imperfect Illustration of Lois van Baarle

January 24, 2012 at 11:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | Leave a comment

Hello, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, back once again to share with you what we hope is yet another inspiring feature. There are many different styles of art and fields of discipline in which an artist can focus their efforts. Some work solely in a traditional medium, and their style can be categorized solely as such. Some work in the in the digital medium, and their work reflects that work flow. Rarely, though, is there an artist who manages to work in the digital world and yet retain that which gives their traditional work a sense of life. Lois van Baarle is exactly that kind of artist, whose work shows a mastery and incorporation of both.

Drawing from an early age, Van Baarle is currently a freelance illustrator living in Holland. To show you a bit of just what she can do, let’s head on over to her site, You’ll notice her website is quite minimal, acting primarily as a frame through which to view her gorgeous art. One of her works is featured prominantly as a background, right there for your eyes to take in. Take a moment to look at her style. The colors, shapes, soft blending, sense of flow, and texture. To view more of her work, try clicking through the menus in the upper left of the page. Here, you’ll find some of Lois’ most well-known pieces, widely adored the web (and world) over. For instance, let’s click on “Artwork – Original.” Click on “ribbons and curls.”

Scrolling from left to right, you can see some astounding works and some close-up detail, along with some of Lois’ in-progress versions. This a fantastic way to get a sense of her process, to see the evolution of a project. Looking at these, we can almost gain a glimpse into her thought process.

Traditional artists will contend that digital art is simply “lifeless,” with perfectly crisp lines and smooth transitions, lacking depth. This could not be further from truth when it comes to Lois van Baarle’s art. The way she incorporates texture in to her work adds a certain vitality to every piece which often goes missing in the works of less masterful illustrators. You can see the texture and tones of seemingly paper, canvas, or stone in her digital paintings, imparting small and delicate flaws which add to the piece. It looks as though her works are photographs of real-life pieces, but they are all digital.

Not just known for her beautiful paintings, Lois has also a skilled animator who has created an award winning short called “Trichrome Blue.” Featuring gorgeous illustration and lovely colors, this sub-5-minute animated movie is a tour-de-force of bold vision and a treat for the eyes.

As always, we want to thank you so much for taking the time to drop by the official blog of Imikimi. We hope to see you again soon, as we’ve got more art and crafting features in store! So keep your ears to the ground! See you then!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“My hand is the extension of the thinking process – the creative process.” — Tadao Ando


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