Examine Bold Use of Color and Silhouette with the Art of Olly Moss

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Hello, faithful readers! It’s the Imikimi Team, back once again to share with you yet another exciting feature. Instead of featuring a new digital art resource, today we’re going to be showing off something a little more specific, by highlighting a down-right awesome artist/designer. With an amazing body of work behind him, it is an absolute “no-brainer” to show you the bold art of Olly Moss.

With numerous projects spanning across the world of pop art, Olly Moss uses color and shape to their fullest extent. Born in the UK, Olly has made a name for himself working for massive clients like Apple, Levis, Nike, Time Magazine, Penguin Books, Lucasfilm, Sony Entertainment, and more. If you take a moment to direct your browser to Olly Moss’ site. You’ll see mainly a bare website. But here, we’re not concerned with the website; we want to get to the good stuff. We want to see his art. So do see more about his work, let’s click on “Projects,” towards the left of the page.

When we do so, we’ll get a drop-down of different types of work he’s done. Let’s take a look at the Movie Posters section. Looking at just a few of the posters before you, you’ll immediately be struck by his clear love of color and silhouette, as well as retro, screen-printed posters. Every piece here is practically oozing with style, evoking the hand-pulled feel of posters from decades ago. The imperfections are are what really make the pieces stand out. The images here are for new and classic movies alike, every one of them playing with shades and colors. Go ahead and click on any which grab your attention to see a detailed view.

Going back up to the top left of the page again, let’s click on Paper Cuts. This is a truly special and creative project. Most of us have seen profile images in silhouette, of parents, grandparents, etc. But it doubtful you’ve seen them quite like this… Here, you’ll see a sampling of the hundreds of “paper cuts” Moss created over the course of several months, all meticulously hand-cut, all pop-culture icons! You’ll recognize many of them, to be sure. Movie characters, video game characters, cartoon characters. You’ll see many here which will illicit a feeling of nostalgia, of childhood icons.

Exploring his other projects, you’ll find many pop-culture references strewn throughout, which makes them relate-able to almost anyone, no matter which decade we spent our childhood traversing. Something which makes Moss’ work truly great is the focus on the concept. Nothing here is overdone, nothing here has a single dab of excess color. Nothing extraneous, only what is needed. And that’s something we can all learn from: to avoid convolution when bringing our ideas to fruition.

As always, we’d like to thank you so much for taking the time to stop by the Imikimi blog. We’ve always got more and more features coming, as well as some featuring hand-crafted creations, so come back again soon! Thanks!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“A writer should write with his eyes and a painter paint with his ears.” — Gertrude Stein

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