Learn to Use Color and Shape in Projects with ColourLover

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Hello, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, and we’re glad to have you back! We’ve got yet another feature in store for you on this fine winter day! In the past, we’ve shown you a feature all about the basics of color theories. And today, we’re going to show you a truly great (and aptly-named) site for lovers of all things colors, ColourLovers.

ColourLovers is a community of like-minded people, all gathered together to share their love of beautiful color palettes. The site’s focus extends beyond just love of colors, and into the combination of colors and shapes, patterns, palettes. With 1.1 million users sharing over 2 million color palettes, patterns, and templates, this is an extremely active community. Here, you can take inspiration from others’ masterfully composed color schemes, which you can adopt and incorporate into your own creations. Perhaps you know the subject matter of a painting you’d like to attempt, or a really awesome idea for a Kimi you’d like to design, and you just need that final coat of color to bring things up a notch, you’d be remiss to not take a peek at ColourLovers.

Taking a peek over at the homepage, the layout has a very light and airy feel, with warm areas of color all around the page. With the range of colors and patterns, it feels like springtime each day. By default, you’ll be displayed a sampling of all different categories this site has to offer, the latest and greatest. Towards the top left of the main page, you’ll see the navigation section. From here, the true depths of the site are revealed.

For starters, you can hover over each link to see every item’s sub menus. For instance, hovering over “Browse” will display a drop-down of things like palettes, patterns, colors, shapes, etc. “Community” will yield access to the ColourLover blog, forums, groups, and FAQ’s. Something really neat is the “Trends” section, where you can see use of colour and fashion that is currenty en vogue in given mediums. Let’s explore more by clicking on “Handmade” from the drop-down menu.

Here you’ll see lively, bespoke creations utilizing color and shape to their fullest extent. Wedding invitations, calendars, ornaments, jewelry, decorations, posters, and more. If you to peek inside the “Street Fashion” category instead, you’ll see photographs of classy, bold, and unique photos of fashions using color to make statements. A very nice touch is that, beneath every photo, there are color palettes which you can pull from.

Now let’s take a peek at “Patterns” underneath the “Browse” link. What’s great here is the option to sort patterns by “most loved,” which enables you to see what everyones been loving the most. There are some truly great patterns here, using gorgeous color schemes. See a pattern you like? Clicking on it will take you to its page, and one more click will expand to the large version, which you can then use for inspiration and incorporation into your projects!

Thank you so much for taking the time to come by the Imikimi blog! We’re constantly awaiting your return visits, and so we hope that you continue to come back again and again. There’s no end in sight for the features we’ve got planned, so check back soon! Thanks!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Blog

“The task of art today is to bring chaos into order.” — Theodor Adorno


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