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Hello, faithful readers! It’s the Imikimi Team here, back once again to bring you yet another fantastic digital art resource. While there are many, many, many art and design blogs out there on the web, the vast majority are simply not of quality. Or worse yet, the content that they post is mostly derived from what other, top design blogs post, emulating what they do. So to step away from that into something which feels fresh and new and exciting is From Up North.

Created in 2009, From Up North is the brainchild of Swedish designer Daniel Nelson. What makes this site so special is that while the majority of art and design blogs continually regurgitate much of the same content, From Up North is different. This is normal, though, due to the fact that great works of art often “make the rounds” on the internet upon their discovery. This completely makes sense, but what sets From Up North apart is that much of what is posted will rarely be found on other blogs. In that sense, it is unique. It’s special. There will always be a reason to stop by to see what’s new and cool, what the other blogs have missed.

If you take a look at the homepage, you’ll see it uses a sort of “spiffed-up” blog layout, giving you multiple features aligned to a very slick, invisible grid. The very latest posts is given a little more room to breathe on the upper left-hand side, taking up a larger width. Several different types of posts are featured, with new posts being created nearly every single day. You’ll see posts collecting amazing typography, design, illustration, photography, advertisements, news, and more.

Something that is very nice to see are the “Print Inspiration” posts, where we get to see not crisp digital works, but works that have actually been printed on to real, tactile materials. This is not something you often see, and sort of transforms the “hypothetical” works into something fully realized. Also falling into the category of more realized works are the “Product/Industrial Design Inspiration” posts. Featuring some truly astounding product designs, ranging from three-dimensional mock-ups to existing items with a designer-y feel.

Being a designer himself, Daniel has a very keen eye for picking out great designs to be featured on his site. And paying specific attention to a given artist are From Up North’s “In Focus” series. For instance, currently on the homepage, artist Karol Bak is featured. We can go ahead and click on the link to show more of her work. Inside you’ll find a brief description of the artists’ work along with the good stuff, the actual artwork. These “In Focus” features are a fantastic way for artists to gain a little bit of exposure for their work, and for hungry viewers to gain some wonderful inspiration in the process.

All in all, From Up North is a must-visit destination for looking to see stunning works found a little off the beaten path. Off all the sites featuring inspiring works, this is one of the best, doing things differently than most. And we need that, keeping up from simply seeing what millions of other eyes have seen, and instead giving us some art and design which hangs on the periphery.

As always, we want to thank you so much for coming by the Imikimi blog! We hope you’ve learned about yet another fantastic resource, and know we’ll see you back again soon for more features, which we’ll have up shortly!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“A good painting to me has always been like a friend. It keeps me company, comforts and inspires.” — Hedy Lamarr


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