Transfer Your Traditional Skills to Digital and Vice Versa with ctrl+Paint

December 17, 2011 at 11:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | 1 Comment

Hello, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have you back. We hope you’ll enjoy today’s feature because it really is something quite amazing. Perhaps you’re a traditional artist looking to start transitioning to digital. Or vice versa, you’re a digital artist looking to learn more about illustration in the traditional sense. If either of these sound like you, then you’re in for a treat, for today we will be featuring ctrl+Paint.

Created by illustrator Matt Kohr, ctrl+Paint is quickly becoming one of the top destinations for learning how to paint digitally. Having years of learning and experience under his belt, Matt starts you all the way at the beginning, making sure you don’t miss a thing as you progress on your way to becoming a better artist. But what makes ctrl+Paint different is that you are taught these lessons not by paragraphs of text, but through video. This is fantastic for those of us who are more visual learners. And with art, this truly is the most practical way to learn.

With the typical video lesson running roughly 5 minutes or so, these are quickly and easily digestible nuggets of learning. And so it can become extremely easy to start with just one, and a half hour later, you’ve devoured about a half dozen videos, out of the over 100 videos to be found on the site. And these are wonderful videos, quick and to the point. You won’t find any flubbing around here; Matt translates some complex ideas in a very simple, effective way, talking you through his process.

Let’s a take a quick virtual stroll on over to the ctrl+Paint website. Below the header and navigation, you’ll see the most recent videos published. Typically, new videos are posted 2-3 times per week, so there’s always something fresh. Five videos are posted per page, but you can go through the previous pages to see every video ever posted. And you’ll want to take a look at them all since every area of illustration is covered. Some subjects include drawing still life, brush technique, negative space, perspective, using reference, color theory, and more. Matt uses Adobe Photoshop to paint digitally, but these techniques and theory can be applied to many other software programs (such as GIMP), and even in real life traditional artwork. He even delves into the use of Google SketchUp (a 3D program) as a tool to help aid in your paintings.

Some of the videos are more advanced, though. So for those who are beginners, we recommend going to the Digital Painting 101 page. Comprised of 5 videos, this series will get you started on your way to digital mastery. There’s even a Free Stuff section which contains some of the brushes which Matt uses regularly in his own paintings. The Store sections contains longer tutorial videos covering subjects more in-depth for $10 per lesson. And the Community is a message board where fans of the site and illustration alike can meet to share and learn with one another. So please visit and make use of such the wonderful learning resource that is ctrl+Paint.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, faithful readers! We hope you’ll find this to be the same source of learning and inspiration that it has been for thousands of others. Please come back again soon, for more exciting features! We’ll see you then!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“The principle of art is to pause, not bypass.” — Jerzy Kosinski

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  1. Thanks for the fantastic feature! I really appreciate the kind words 🙂

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