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December 10, 2011 at 11:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | Leave a comment

Hello again, fellow artists! It’s the Imikimi Team here, and we’re so very excited to share with you yet another exciting feature, sure to stimulate your mind and creativity! That’s what these features are all about, giving you the learning resources you need to transform into the artist you want to be become. And with PSD Tuts+, today is no different.

A part of the Tuts+ Network of websites, PSD Tuts+ is devoted to teaching the ins-and-outs of Photoshop to anyone with even the slightest of curiosities. This is essentially an online magazine, with new articles posted several times a week by staff members and contributing editors. These range from tutorials, resources, interviews, sessions of articles, inspiration, tools, tips, and near endless amounts more.

Visiting the homepage will display the latest and greatest articles by date. This contains every type of article, unsorted by any type of category. So you’ll see a mishmash of content before you, ready to pull you in. But if you’re looking for a certain type of post, you’ll want to look in the navigation links which reside above the articles. There’s literally thousands of articles to be had, so it makes sense to whittle down what you’re looking for by a bit. So first, take a look at the “Tutorials” link on the upper left, above the articles. Hover over this bit to get a menu of everything categorized within this group.

Since we’re all either artists or artists-in-wait, let’s head towards the “Painting” sub-category. Now we’ll be taken to fantastic articles which teach how to paint a particular object or scene within Photoshop. Or perhaps it may just be an article showing you some truly great tips and tricks to make Photoshop paint behave just like paint in real life. Every one of these in an in-depth aid to helping you improve your art. All are top-notch and should not be passed over. Click on one of the tutorials which piques your interest and seeing what’s inside. Most of these contain step-by-step images and text to which you can follow along, taking your time as you please. Sometimes videos are even used to convey technique instead of text and images. Find what works for you and head down that path.

PSD Tut+ also offers what they refer to as Sessions, which are essentially learning courses. Every few months a new session is released. These are series of articles linked together by a common thread, typically encompassing over a dozen articles. A chain of learning, if you will. These tackle a certain subjects, taking them from the beginning stage to the advanced. Also offered is the Basix series. These are intended for budding artists, beginners, those new to the area of Photoshop, digital design, and 2D graphics. We highly recommend starting here, and then occasionally delving into other tutorials as your skill level increase.

Be sure to peruse through the other article types which can be found in the navigation header! Hovering over “Articles,” will reveal other gems which inside. You’ll also find Contests, Inpiration, News, Quizzes, Theory, Tools, and more.

We want to take this time to help you so very much for stopping by. We’ll have much more to come in the future! So please let us know what you want to hear more about and we’ll do our best to fill that need!

Best Wishes,
Imikimi Team

“Great art picks up where nature ends.” — Marc Chagall


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