Shoot and Score with Dribbble!

November 29, 2011 at 11:00 am | Posted in Conventional Art | Leave a comment

Hello, fellow artists!

It’s the Imikimi Team here, and we’re so glad to have you back for another helpful feature! Today we’re going to share with you a fresh community for artists and designers called Dribbble. Fairly new to the design scene, it’s already being called “Twitter for designers,” and we’re quite happy to tell you all about it!

Quite simply, Dribbble is a community for artists to share small, in-progress images of what they’re working on. As the name would hint, it sports several basketball-related terms. But fear not! You don’t have to be familiar with basketball at all to understand what exactly is happening. Everything is explained in very clear terms, and we’ll get to those in just a bit.

Upon visiting for the first time, you will notice the clean layout. Thumbnail previews are featured front-and-center. Each of these are submissions by members, also known as “players.” Each player is allowed 24 “shots” (submissions) per month. Other members can show their support by “liking” shots, or can create “buckets,” which are collections of shots. So users can group together shots of a similar theme or style for later reference.

See a submission with a really great color palette? Well, then make use of another great Dribbble feature, which automatically exacts the palette into a group of swatches which you can hover over to learn their exact color code. This way you can get that exact shade of color that looked so great on your screen! Pretty cool!

Players submit a 400×300 image along with a short description. With only 24 shots allowed per month, this makes it so that a single member cannot “flood” the site with their submissions. This way, everything gets an equal opportunity to be seen by all. A “rebound” is a reply to another shot. For instance, if you submitted a shot of an in-progress sketch, you can then upload the finished version as a rebound, linking them together for other users to see.

Dribbble is an invite-only community, by and for artists and designers. The best way to improve your chances of becoming “drafted” (invited) is to have an existing player send an invitation. Artists respect good art, so if your work is seen by members who enjoy it, there’s a good chance of getting an invite! Members are given a very small number of invites to give away, so they will think good and hard before giving them away to just anyone. So if you happen to browse the site and see and artist with similarities in their style, contact them with your artwork, and with any luck you’ll be drafted! You can also sign up as a “spectator” first to improve your odds of getting an invite!

Once you’re a member, be sure to take a look at the Player Handbook for more insight on how to be an asset to the community!

As always, we thank you so much for reading! We hope you’ll visit again for more exciting and informative features! We’d love to know what you’re interested in learning about next, so please let us know and we’ll do our best to cover it. See you soon!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“Bad design is smoke, while good design is a mirror.” — Juan-Carlos Fernàndez


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