Brush Up on Your Graphics Skills with Pixel2Life

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Hello, fellow artists!

It’s the Imikimi team here, and we’re so excited to see you back for another feature! Today we’re happy to share with you a wonderful learning resource for artists and designers, a source of knowledge no matter which software you prefer to use. Be prepared to learn troves and troves of techniques, because we’re talking about Pixel2Life!

“Learning made simple” is Pixel2Life’s tagline, and it really is true. To put it simply, this is a fantastic tutorial website, for a plethora of software packages. Some you might be familiar with include, Photoshop, GIMP, Illustrator, Flash, Inkscape, Painter, 3ds Max, etc. Literally tens upon tens of thousands of tutorials lie within.

On the left hand of the site are the categories which tutorials are sorted into, such as “2D Graphics,” “3D Graphics,” “Audio Editing,” and so much more. Clicking on the category title will expand to display a list of software-specific tutorials nested within that category. For instance, to access the GIMP tutorials, click “2D Graphics.” Then click on “GIMP.”

From there, you will be taken to the tutorial list for that particular software package. On the left, you will notice that there are even sub-categories listed under “GIMP.” So if you were looking for photo-manipulation tutorials using GIMP, you could simply click that sub-category and the list of tutorials would change to display only those pertaining to that subject! Pretty neat! That way you can pinpoint the precise type of article you are looking for.

The center panel contains the links to the tutorials, along with thumbnail previews of the end result. But what if you’re looking to find the most popular or most recent ones? You can do that too! At the top of the tutorial panel are 3 options for sorting: “Most Recent,” “Most Popular,” and “Random.” These are self-explanatory and will speed up your browsing. Those which are most popular are ensured to be extremely well-written and informative, with step-by-step photos to guide you along the way to creating beautiful art! Simply click the link and you will be taken to the tutorial.

After taking the time to read a few, maybe you want to give back a little, and to share some of your knowledge. Well go ahead and do that! At the top of the webpage is the “Publish” tab. After creating a free account with Pixel2Life, you can access their Publishing System. What’s great about this is that you don’t have to host your tutorial somewhere else; the website will host it for you and add it to their directory. Pixel2Life will even host all the images for you!

As always, we thank you so much for reading, and hope you will make use of the never-ending source of knowledge that is Pixel2Life. We have much, much more to come in the coming days, and know we’ll see you again soon!

Best Wishes,
The Imikimi Team

“All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster’s autobiography.” — Federico Fellini

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